The role of the CFO is moving from one of a cost authority to that of a business value architect.


70% of CFOs now play a critical role in enterprise risk mitigation, business model innovation, and the selection of key metrics linking performance to strategy execution.

The pressure to help the business make all manner of decisions better, faster and with more certainty has never been so intense.

In order to produce the kind of business insights that can change an organisations trajectory organisations robust infrastructure that allows them access, integrate and analyse the right kinds of data.

A robust infrastructure providing the ability to access, integrate and analyse the right data is critical to producing the kind of insights that can change an organisations trajectory.

Bringing fresh insight and discipline to strategic planning and business model innovation enables organisations to drive a new discipline of modeling, forecasting, and performance that perfectly aligns the organisations value creation, and allows them to take advantage of future market shifts and profit opportunities.  

Tridant has been on the forefront of data driving decision making in the office of finance for almost 10 years by:

  • Integrating financial planning with strategic and operational planning
  • Enabling ‘What If Scenario’ modelling in preparation for the ‘next wave’
  • Using predictive analytics to plan and manage risk
  • Providing proven Industry focused solutions