NetSuite, as the no.1 Cloud ERP system and Adaptive Insights as the no.1 Cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system worldwide, perfectly compliment each other to drive value to your business

NetSuite revolutionised business management by taking ERP to the Cloud, successfully enabling you to modernise your accounting, order management, and enterprise planning processes. To help you improve your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, NetSuite has partnered with Adaptive Insights for over seven years as its financial planning solution. Adaptive Insights provides a comprehensive financial management solution featuring budgets, reports and real-time dashboards with financial transactional data.

Together, they enable you to move beyond the planning and reporting limitations and frustrations of static planning to achieve planning that is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous. 


Key capabilities of Adaptive Insights:

  • NetSuite users can plan and adapt quickly with Adaptive Insights’ powerful, yet intuitive model building and administration. It is easy for users to create driver based plans for greater accuracy and integrity. You can ensure consistency and make rapid changes via centralised assumptions and formulas; customise data entry sheets for end-users without consolidation headaches and build different models for different functions. 
  • Simplified model-building by using pre-built formulas (e.g. payroll taxes, revenue recognition, depreciation) and you can use workflow to manage the submission process and control data availability.
  • Tightly integrated software managed by the business, not IT. Native to the Cloud, just like NetSuite, Adaptive Insights empowers Finance with self-service modelling as well as operational, managerial, and board reporting. 
  • Pre-configured adapter available for Netsuite is easy to configure to import source data with out of the box definitions for common data objects. Business analysts and data designers can easily control when and which data objects should be imported from the source system.


Today, over 700 NetSuite customers from a multitude of different industries rely on Adaptive Insights for reporting and financial planning. Tridant is a specialist Planning and Data Analytics Consultancy with a history of success working with Adaptive Insights. Contact us if you would like to learn how to enable your organisation’s NetSuite users to achieve rapid time to value and broad adoption to better manage their business in FP&A, across finance and throughout their business operations. 

There is no better budgeting, planning and analytics suite to compliment NetSuite ERP. 

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