Empower users to perform their own data analysis and change dimensions “on the fly.”

Eliminate the time, cost and complexity of analysing SAP and non-SAP data.


Leveraging SAP data is always difficult, however, we understand the challenges and can assist clients to analyse, plan and execute on projects involving SAP systems. The Tridant team works with clients to develop the best approach to utilising SAP data without compromising performance. As SAP integration specialists, Tridant provides organisations and departments with empowered capabilities to perform their job functions effectively & independently. 


Tridant enables clients to: 

  1. Combine and analyse data, easily and quickly, from SAP R/3, mySAP, SAP BW and non-SAP sources (with or without data warehousing)
  2. Empower business users to perform most of their own data analysis and reporting with Google-like simplicity, reducing required IT support for BI by up to 90%
  3. Give users the ability to visualise information in a wide variety charts, graphs and tables, as well as the ability to interact with SAP data in real time
  4. Reduce the time to make critical business decisions by weeks
  5. Implement or upgrade analytics for any existing SAP  infrastructure within days, not months
  6. Expand acceptance and enterprise use of analytics to make decisions that drive business performance


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