In today’s competitive business environment organisations and government departments alike need to harness the combined power of past and future analysis in order to help them make quick yet highly informed decisions based on data they can trust.


The right technology solution can help.

Tridant’s Integrated Planning and Reporting solution delivers a proven, best practice based, budgeting and forecasting application covering the full spectrum of financial reporting needs.

The Integrated Tridant Planning and Reporting solution is:

  • specifically designed for cross-industry small to medium businesses
  • designed to allow solution components to be re-used easily across departments, creating significant implementation cost savings
  • optimised to deliver tangible business benefits by improving efficiency, increasing effectiveness and promoting sustainable use of available resources
  • simplifying the steps involved in delivering information required to manage current and future funding arrangements
  • redefining the role of Finance Managers, allowing them to spend less time on data preparation and more time on analysis
  • replacing out of date technology and skills with new techniques, methods and support arrangements to improve efficiency and reduce system reliability risk
  • enabling broader business involvement across all processes including planning new initiatives, formulating forward estimates, creating detailed budgets and reporting on progress

Delivering your business units with:

  • self-service Reporting and Analysis, reducing the dependency on other divisions
  • alignment between government planning and reporting processes, both internal and external
  • the ability to track the flow of funds through audit trails
  • automated integration between people, processes and systems to reduce the volume of low-value, routine work


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