Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Activate transparency, accuracy and scalability for real-time control across your supply chain
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Integrate siloed data for superior S&OP productivity

Embed transparency across Finance, Product Management, Sales and Supply Chain

Enable accuracy with a single connected planning platform 

Use the right technology to scale as your business grows




Robust integration with source systems

All data available to everyone all the time

Repeatable automated processes for accurate forecasting

Plan at the required granularity with a scalable platform




Drive efficiencies with streamlined processes

End reliance on error-prone spreadsheets

Avoid costly excess inventory

Remove the fear of data volumes 




Accelerate business performance, fast

Leverage our existing frameworks for your accelerated results

Reduce time-to-value with active collaboration

Empower planning productivity with real-time adjustments

Trigger gold standard reports at any time


Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application (IO App)
Multi-echelon inventory planning, based on the theory of constraints

With recent turbulent market conditions, complexity in the supply chain is growing and inventory planning is even more challenging than before. How do you address demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real-time?

Providing for complex interdependencies among stocking locations, our IO App enables businesses to address growing supply chain complexity and ensure optimal levels of all inventory types across every echelon in the supply chain.



Get your supply allocations right

Delivering the right amount of stock at the right place at the right time has never been easy. Predicting accurate supply allocations with on-time delivery to meet shifting demand patterns across multiple channels – now that’s a challenge.

With intense pressure on enterprises to improve planning accuracy, enhance productivity, enable faster response times and reduce cost of operations, today’s business leaders need transparency, accuracy and scalability for real-time control across their supply chain network.

  • Is your business mired in manual data manipulation on siloed spreadsheets and standalone point solutions?
  • Will your planning tools scale to quickly support more SKUs and on-board new analytics functions?
  • Do your planning processes enable informed collaboration across the supply chain network – simplifying data sharing, building trust, and providing an accurate view of the future? 
  • Are you empowered to evaluate likely contingencies – to minimise risk, quickly execute changes in demand, and drive scenario modelling – all while keeping costs down?
  • Does your planning process provide automated processing through collaborative workflows, configurable limits and intelligent alerts?

At Tridant, these are just the kinds of challenges we like to solve.




Supply Chain Health Check

Self-assess gaps and improvement opportunities in your S&OP/IBP processes in our 10-min scoring tool

In this hyperconnected world, an opportunity or crisis can emerge suddenly. With customers expecting fast, if not immediate, response times, your supply chain’s ability to meet demand changes is mission-critical to business performance.

How are you performing against the key pillars of People, Process, Data and Technology?
Measure your supply chain performance against industry benchmarks and best practices in just 10 mins. Your personal scores will be emailed direct to you. 

Start Supply Chain Health Check

Unpack your tough supply chain challenges

Avoiding costly excess inventory is an operational imperative. Meeting demand changes is a business priority.

We are ready when you are to start working together to solve your tough supply chain challenges. Tridant offers the experts, services and support to enable you to speed up your operational agility, and embed synchronised and aligned planning across your supply chain. 

We’ve helped manufacturers, retailers and logistics leaders accurately align, plan and deliver their inventory, all the way from manufacturing and supplier, to distribution centres, to stores.

At Tridant, we help businesses leverage innovation to create long-term business value, minimise risk, optimise productivity and accelerate their competitive differentiation.