Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Activate real-time control across your supply chain
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Streamlined solutions quickly collect data and reduce the hours spent manually harvesting information.



Platforms allow multi-user access so that different teams and divisions throughout the business can integrate their data.



Unified near real-time data eliminates the challenges of data sourcing and provides better accuracy for forecasting.



Automation provides inventory visibility so that you have control over your operational performance.

Get your supply allocations right

Avoiding costly excess inventory is an operational imperative. Meeting demand changes is a business priority.

We are ready when you are to start working together to solve your tough supply chain challenges. Tridant offers the experts, services and support to enable you to speed up your operational agility, and embed synchronised and aligned planning across your supply chain.

We’ve helped manufacturers, retailers and logistics leaders accurately align, plan and deliver their inventory, all the way from manufacturing and supplier, to distribution centres, to stores.


Supply Chain Maturity Curve

With the onset of Covid-19, Tridant has seen many clients in mid-sized companies struggle to keep up with the continuously changing environment. Prior to the pandemic, these businesses hadn’t invested in S&OP technology platforms and inventory decisions were often made by ‘gut feel’. A lack of technology combined with poor visibility left many of these companies on the lower end of the maturity curve.

From descriptive to cognitive stages, there’s a large gap in how organisations view, process and engage with their data. We’d love to discuss where you think you sit on the curve and if we can help you get to where your business needs to be.

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Supply Chain Assessment
How does your S&OP measure up?

Find out how your supply chain rates across 4 pillars of people, process, data and technology. Identify problem areas and uncover game-changing opportunities to focus efforts to optimise S&OP.



Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application (IO App)
Multi-echelon inventory planning, based on the theory of constraints

Providing for complex interdependencies among stocking locations, our IO App enables businesses to address growing supply chain complexity and ensure optimal levels of all inventory types, across every echelon in the supply chain.