On-demand webinar: 
Optimise inventory levels across your supply chain

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Address variability in actual demand and supply constraints, in real-time.  
Tridant and Anaplan joined forces to discuss new-era supply chain planning challenges, and pathways to reduce costly excess inventory, manage supply volatility and avoid stockouts. 

Watch our Inventory Planning webinar where we tackle: 

  • The impact of current turbulent market conditions on S&OP
  • Demand forecasting and consensus planning driving inventory optimisation 
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimisation (MEIO), based on the theory of constraints  
  • Live Demo: Effectively manage supply volatility, avoid stockouts, and minimise excess inventory at every location in the supply chain with our Inventory Optimisation App. Read more here. 

Webinar panellists: 

Peter Symons - Director, Tridant

Alyssa Brennan - Regional Manager, Southeast Asia, Tridant

Amit Chavan - Principal Consultant, Certified Anaplan Solution Architect & Master Anaplanner, Tridant

Dr Deborah Pike - Supply Chain Solutions Consultant, Anaplan

Michael Gray - Solutions Consultant, Anaplan


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