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The 80/20 Data Rule - Start Focusing On The 80%

With over 80% of data that is critical to decision making being unstructured, it’s a lot like Lego. In the box, these pieces are an unorganised assortment of various shapes and sizes. They are meaningless until identified and assembled to form an object such as a car or robot.  Your organisation has boxes of ‘Lego’ everywhere – data such as emails, commentary, operational reports, audio files and social media posts are the next competitive edge.

Tridant and outThought have each been doing some amazing work with organisations to go beyond basic analytics of their 10-20% structured data, to obtain richer insights from their unstructured data. Take a look at Tridant’s video and OutThought’s case study below to gain some insights into what we have found in our clients Lego boxes.

OutThought: AI & An AFL Club

Tridant: The Journey - Data to Value

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