Top 10 Features of Hubspot Marketing Hub

Published on: 5 October 2023
Written by: Kellie McAuliffe

Hubspot's Marketing Hub helps you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale, all on one easy-to-use platform. Here's the top 10 features of Hubspot's Marketing Hub:

1. One Central Platform

Hubspot is the leading platform for access and control over all marketing activities. With Hubspot Marketing Hub, users can update their website, manage social media accounts, send marketing emails, track events, and measure the results of your marketing team and how that transitions into sales to demonstrate the ROI for the organisation. 

2. Workflows 

Hubspot allows me to automate all of my marketing processes including capturing inbound leads in a list, sending follow up nurture emails, setting internal reminders, tagging inbound leads, labelling personas etc. However, the workflow you’re looking to setup depends on the type of marketing activity you’re conducting. When setting up a campaign to capture inbound leads the workflow may look something like this:

Here I have done a basic workflow which sets up the following: 

  • Enroll a lead into a workflow. This is triggered when a lead submits their details via a Hubspot form. 
  • Enroll the lead into a list. This places all contacts from this campaign into one location for you to use at the completion of the campaign to measure results. 
  • Set the lead source as an inbound lead. Generally there will be multiple types of lead sources including sales generated leads or externally referred leads which will help to identify where your leads were sourced from. 
  • Start an email sequence. You can select a chain of emails that you want your contacts to receive. These can be follow up emails requesting a meeting and marketing emails drip feeding other relevant content based on their persona or downloaded content topic. 

You can also set up additional workflows that notify your Sales and Marketing team when your leads are interacting with your content to help identify how ’hot’ your lead is. 

3. Automated Emails 

Does your Sales and Marketing spend hours sending outbound and follow up emails? Say goodbye to bulk sending bulletin emails to your database.  

With Hubspot’s automation your leads/contacts will receive automated emails when you want them to.  Starting from content downloads, you then set up automated emails delivering content to your prospects. This can then be followed by a sales follow up email, followed by additional relevant content based on the timings you set! The best part is that Hubspot won’t send the same email twice to avoid your contacts being a subject of spam emails. 

When you’ve got your basics set up you can also set up ‘what if scenarios’ where contacts will receive specific emails if they meet the criteria. An example might be: did the contact open {EMAIL1}: if yes they now receive {EMAIL1A}, if no, they now receive {EMAIL1B}.

4. Forms

Forms are how you capture personal details from prospects interested in your content. All campaign forms are editable and can be set up based on the information that you require. Some of the most common information field that you would require from your prospects are: 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Business email address 
  • Mobile number 
  • Job title 
  • Business name .

5. Tracking Events 

Many larger organisations host or rely on external events as a major source of leads and sales. These can often be difficult to track, however, there are many external applications that partner with Hubspot to help track event invites, registrations, attendees, and cancellations. This information is then fed back into Hubspot, allowing you to track all contact engagement in one central platform, as opposed to keeping multiple excel spreadsheets on your share-drive with a long list of names and details. 

6. Custom Performance Reports 

Every organisation has their own measures of success. Whether it’s related to Marketing and is based on social media engagement, Google ads performance, or the most successful email campaigns, or it’s Sales-related and demonstrates the performance of individual sales reps such as the number of meetings and phone calls or the revenue generated by quarter. With Hubspot you can customise your reports based on the data that matters to you and will help your organisation be more successful.  

7. Customer Attribution

Hubspot provides insights that allows you to recognise which marketing channels and touchpoints throughout the buyer's journey that made a lead convert. With the ability to assign credit to specific channels and touchpoints, you can increase your chances of converting more prospects by:

  1. Identifying areas of the buyer's journey that requires improvements
  2. Determining the ROI for specific channels and touchpoints
  3. Determining the most effective investments for your marketing budget
  4. Tailoring your campaigns and content to engage your unique personas.

8. Lead Scoring

Hubspot can set up lead scoring to measure how hot your leads are. You just need to set up a set of rules based on activities that help to identify how warm your lead is and a notification will be triggered and sent to your sales team to follow up with your hot lead. 

9. Marketing/Sales Attribution 

As a marketing person this is my favourite part when it comes to revenue attribution. It’s an age-old problem of accurately measuring where revenue originated from. Was in sales or was it Marketing? With Hubspot you can clearly identify where your opportunities were sourced and set up reports and dashboards to demonstrate the ROI of your teams sales or marketing efforts. 

10. Social Media Management 

Spend less time monitoring social media, and more time nurturing relationships. HubSpot's social media management software allows you to publish content to social networks from the same place you build campaigns, set up keyword monitoring, and link all your interactions back to your CRM so you have contextual conversations and can report on social media ROI.

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