End-User Training Basics
with the Adaptive Suite

$ 2000 1/2 day course (total price for up to eight people)
  • This course is intended for new users to Adaptive Insights who will be working with the Planning module for the preparation or review of budgets and forecasts.

    Attendees will be introduced to the application, will learn to navigate and work with sheets, assumptions and workflow. Attendees will create their own business reports including variance analysis using the Adaptive Reporting module integrated with Planning.

Planning Administrator I

$ 3000 1 day course (total price for up to four people)
  • This class is designed for power-users delegated as administrators in Adaptive Planning. Attendees will learn how to work with foundation structures such as chart of accounts, levels, dimensions and attributes. The training will demonstrate how to manage versions for a range of planning requirements such as for working budgets, quarterly and rolling forecasts.

    Attendees will explore the design of sheets and assumptions and learn how to add or delete accounts and/or dimensions and work with basic formulas. Other administrative functions such as managing currencies, import and export functions and user security will also be covered. The final 2 hours will be dedicated to working with Adaptive Reporting, learning all about matrix reports and the web-based builder for management and ad-hoc reports. Functionality and options available in matrix reports will be explored including how to design P&Ls, create version comparison reports, utilise conditional formatting, and more.

Planning Administrator II:

$ 5000 2 day course (total price for up to four people)
  • As an extension to the Planning Administrator I training, in addition to this content, this advanced class will provide attendees with the foundations to be capable of implementing an Adaptive Planning model. Particular focus will be given to sheet design and the building and maintenance of models, in particular, modelling for operational and capital expenditure, personnel costs, product and service revenue.

    Attendees will have access to a working instance of Adaptive Planning to consolidate their learning through a series of hands-on exercises where a series of standard, modelled and cube sheets will be created to showcase their practical application in a real-life implementation. This course will equip attendees with the skillset to support a new Adaptive Planning implementation or support the evolution to an existing solution.

Design & Administration with
Adaptive OfficeConnect

$ 2000 1/2 day course (total price for up to eight people)
  • This course is designed for analysts and report developers alike who will be using Adaptive OfficeConnect for the development of pixel-perfect management board and statutory reports and ad-hoc requirements. Through a series of practical exercises, attendees will create Excel reports and learn how to create dynamic links from an Adaptive Planning database. Attendees will work with relative time periods and learn how to roll reports forward from one period to the next.

    Using a combination of native Microsoft Office functionality and Adaptive OfficeConnect, Excel content including narrative data will be linked to Word and PowerPoint documents.


Visual Designer in Adaptive
Discovery Professional

$ 3000 1 day course (total price for up to eight people)
  • This data visualisation class is designed for beginner to intermediate users of Discovery Professional. The class will begin reviewing the user navigation features of the product including drill-through analysis, understand the use of all dials available and the means by which to present and interact with these.

    Attendees will explore the setup of perspectives and dashboards using Discovery Professional Visual Designer. This includes the development of scorecards with thresholds and indicators, design of various charts and graphs, and publishing and presenting dashboard content. The training is also designed for those administering Discovery including discussion of security features.



Integration Fundamentals &
Custom Data Sources

$ 3000 1 day course (total price for up to four people)
  • This course covers the Adaptive Integration architecture and process required to load data from any source system to Adaptive Planning sheets. Attendees will learn how to load data into Adaptive Planning by creating components in Data Designer, the interface for Adaptive Integration as well as understand the different components and their functionality, exploring common repeatable data transformations in the cloud-based staging area. After integrating with flat file data sources, the course will demonstrate how to use Adaptive Integration for connecting to on premise source systems.

    Attendees will learn to install and configure the Adaptive Data Agent Service which is used to create a secure connection between the Adaptive Integration server and source system. A generic JDBC data source is used to connect and import data from a JDBC-compliant database. Common more advanced data transformations are explored in the staging area.

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