Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application

Multi-echelon inventory planning, based on the theory of constraints

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With current turbulent market conditions, supply chain complexity is growing and inventory planning is more challenging than before. How do you address demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real-time?

Providing for complex interdependencies among stocking locations, our IO App enables businesses to address growing supply chain complexity and ensure correct levels of all inventory types across every echelon in the supply chain.

IO App’s multi-echelon inventory planning, based on the theory of constraints, offers a seamless path to data management, replenishment planning across distribution centres to stores, and synchronised supply planning for distribution centre inventory planning and supplier order management. 

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Watch our webinar on multi-echelon inventory optimisation (MEIO), based on the theory of constraints, demonstrating the Tridant Inventory Optimisation App.


Tridant and Anaplan joined forces to discuss new-era supply chain planning challenges, and pathways to reduce costly excess inventory, manage supply volatility and avoid stockouts.