To Plan in the Cloud or Not To Plan in the Cloud

What is the Answer?

We all know the Office of Finance wants to deliver flexible, nimble and adaptive value across the business.

Only banking on traditional methods as spreadsheets or cumbersome, on-prem planning and analytical tools for the process of compiling and analysing long-term financial strategy is no longer a viable option.

Where in the past the CFO, would relegate choosing an on-prem planning solution, into the too-hard-basket, due to it involving significant investment in time, resources, infrastructure, databases, security, budget all adding to complexity and risk of the decision.

The modern CFO is now turning to cloud-based solutions that make sense to them, enabling their teams to plan, collaborate and act—in real time.

Join this webinar and learn how new cloud-based planning solutions are leaving spreadsheets and expensive IT investment in the dust by enabling you:

  • Powerful modelling by the business user
  • Adaptability on the fly and Real-time performance
  • Near limitless data volume and complexity

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Thursday, 7 June @ 10 am