Understand Your Data Better

Our business intelligence consulting services ensure the right data is collected and collated. This allows your organisation to structure your data for actionable insights to facilitate decision making.

Optimise Your Operations

Obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your business operations to identify where you can improve, and eliminate inefficiencies from your business.

Accelerate Your Growth

With better insights on hand to identify patterns and trends, gain a competitive edge in your market that drives growth.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Critical decisions shouldn’t be made without insightful business data & analytics

The most successful organisations rely on accurate, timely, integrated structured and unstructured data. Without the right data available at the right time, you’re effectively flying blind—and your organisation is in danger of being left behind.

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BI Analytics

Access powerful BI analytics that helps your business thrive

A comprehensive BI analytics solution enables more in-depth insight for every aspect of your business. It empowers you to make fact-based decisions at every level of your organisation, faster, to improve your business performance and power its growth.

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What can a business intelligence consulting firm offer me?

Exceptional Reporting

Use comprehensive reports to understand your business data.


Confidently monitor performance with the scorecard capabilities.


Support and drive the exchange of insights with collaborative Business Intelligence.


Monitor, measure and analyse corporate performance at a glance with easy access dashboards.


Explore your data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios and modelling functionality.


Real-time data and analytics across a range of devices enables effective decision-making wherever you are.

Our business intelligence consultants enable your business to access the right data.

Tridant delivers business intelligence strategy and insights that help organisations thrive and improve performance.

Our highly skilled BI consultants will ensure you gain insight into every aspect of your business, enabling fact-based decisions throughout your organisation.
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Our Business Intelligence Consultants

Michael Taylor

Data & Analytics 
Michael has diversified the growth of Tridant’s Data & Analytics team into different areas like Cloud Data, Data Analytics and Data Science.

Hemasri Chappidi 

Data & Analytics 
Hema is an engaging and talented Consultant in the Data and Analytics team across multiple technologies. She is the team's resident Power BI/Power Platform Specialist

Jared Innes

Business Intelligence
Jared has a well-rounded technical skillset with over 14 years of hands-on experience developing business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries and technologies.

Hoang Nguyen

Data Science
Hoang’s expertise includes machine learning and AI, deep learning, natural languages processing, clinical and geo-spatial data analyses. 

Our Proven Process

1. Book a Discovery Session

Let's have a 15min conversation so that we can better understand what problems you're trying to solve. 

2. Business Intelligence Strategy

With that understanding, we'll present our recommended solution, your expected outcomes and the project's next steps.

3. Implement & Support

We get to work. We also provide internal training & support so your staff can manage the new processes moving forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a business intelligence consultant?

Making business decisions has become more complex, which is why BI consultants specialise in helping you use your data in the most helpful and efficient ways. The amount of information decision-makers have to contend with is far beyond what has ever been available, and even if you have a great BI solution in place, mining through big data isn't an easy task. It’s almost impossible to accurately use all of that data without engaging the right BI consulting services. You need to work with someone who can interpret the masses of data sources into something meaningful that meets your business requirements and drives your organisation forward. 

There are also many different types of BI consulting services available, and BI consultants can work with you in a number of areas, from supply chain management, through to customer experiences and quality assurance testing. Choosing BI consultants with training and expertise in your chosen BI solution and technology stack will allow for deeper, advanced analytics of data sources. While the overall strategy, analytics methods, reporting and delivery of BI consultants will vary, it's vital to work with BI consultants who have proven experience in achieving results for businesses like yours.

How does a business intelligence consultant help companies make better decisions?

A business intelligence consulting company gathers insights from data to streamline business processes. This can be applied across every aspect of the business, with compiled data used to ensure that every system in the business is running at optimal levels. A business intelligence specialist will look at current and historical data and use predictive modelling to anticipate the best course of action going forward. 

This data can be used to increase the efficiency of HR processes, improve operational systems across your supply chain, or understand customer behaviour to meet emerging trends. A business intelligence consultant will look at where your organisation has come from, where it currently is and how to best move it to exactly where it needs to be.  

Working with someone with proven business intelligence expertise will ensure that you have the skills to adapt your business and meet challenges preemptively, by anticipating changes and acting on them well in advance. 

What are the typical services provided by a business intelligence consultant?

The core focus of a business intelligence consultant is to improve decisions made across your organisation. They will analyse data gleaned from data warehouses, reports, BI tools and data mining to understand your business needs.

This may mean addressing gaps in an organisation, replacing inefficient processes with highly efficient or automated ones, or shifting systems used within the business to allow a business to scale.

Typical business intelligence consulting services include:

  • Researching and analysing various data sources
  • Implementation and management of BI software and solutions
  • Creating strategic plans for an organisation to accelerate growth and address business challenges successfully
  • Implementing BI tools and software that meet the needs of an organisation
  • Working closely with management, key stakeholders and executives to ensure that changes being implemented are aligned with organisational goals
  • Working with developers and vendors to successfully implement technological solutions
  • Data aggregation and analysis of available data to improve the efficiency of organisational systems
  • Monitoring and reporting on various areas of an organisation to ensure that business intelligence is being well utilised

How do you choose the right business intelligence consultant for your company?

When looking for a great business intelligence consulting partner to work with, you must choose a consultant with the skills you need to grow your business. This may be industry-specific knowledge or expertise in working with the business intelligence tools you use or plan to implement. Talking to a BI consultant about your particular goals is a good place to start. Ask lots of questions, and look at previous projects and case studies. 

Word of mouth is also important, so ask around to see which business intelligence consulting services others recommend. Experience is key, but so is the ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions where needed. This demands a strong understanding of BI platforms and also the overall development and implementation process.

You need to have confidence in your BI consultant to drive your business forward, and past performance and industry credibility goes a long way towards establishing this. 

What are the key skills and experience needed for a business intelligence consultant?

Successful business intelligence consulting requires a very honed ability to organise data, to begin with. BI Consultants must be able to liaise with and engage all relevant stakeholders in an organisation present and discuss high-level company data. 

From here, a business intelligence consultant must employ strategic thinking. Having the ability to envision the bigger picture is essential, as is understanding key performance indicators. Critical thinking skills, paired with the ability to foresee emerging trends, allow data insights to be translated into actionable steps. This requires solid awareness of business principles and a high degree of understanding of an individual organisation's requirements. 

There are many elements of risk associated with future business planning, which is why a skilled business intelligence advisor will possess a sound ability to mitigate unnecessary risks while taking risks backed by logical and data-driven reasoning. Most importantly, a business intelligence specialist will be able to ensure that each decision made has been given the required oversight before making changes.

This ensures that all implemented changes are best aligned with an organisation's current situation and its longer-term goals and objectives.

How does a business intelligence consultant work with a company's existing IT infrastructure?

Business intelligence consultants are generally highly skilled at understanding how different tools, software and technologies work together. Some business intelligence companies specialise in particular platforms or software, but most consultants are well-versed in the most popular solutions. If you are running a highly customised data and IT infrastructure, your business intelligence advisors may hire specialist consultants or developers to ensure that your project has a successful outcome. 

Most experienced consultants can work with your organisation's existing structures, utilising any third-party skills as necessary. As a highly experienced business intelligence consulting firm, Tridant will take a holistic view of your business requirements and perform advanced analytics to create a BI strategy for your organisation, whether it's forecasting sales trends or analysis of reporting accuracy, our team will identify opportunities to utilise data aggregation.

How do business intelligence consultants measure the success of their projects?

Business intelligence consulting companies use many metrics to measure the overall success of their projects. Meeting projected growth goals indicates that a project went well long-term, but in the short term, factors such as cost savings and more efficient processes are success indicators.

Being able to deliver reporting and dashboards to an organisation that provide accurate and actionable insights is another excellent measure of a project well done. Each project will have different timelines and milestones to gauge success, and knowing that these are met is a clear sign to a consultant that their input has been valuable.

Aside from metrics and the implementation of data-driven insights, client satisfaction is a key measure of how well business intelligence consultants are performing. This demonstrates good communication and that relationships with organisational decision-makers have been well maintained.

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