Risk & Compliance

Your data collection and processes need to meet new and emerging standards. Data integrity, accelerated processes, better business.
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Is complex reporting a challenge?

As financial regulators unveil increasingly granular requirements, financial services organisations need to future-ready their data frameworks to efficiently mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Data integrity, accelerated processes, better business.
Risk & Compliance

Don't risk error. Assure your compliance, today.

Across financial services, future standards are expected to include ‘pull’ mechanisms – data extracted from the firm’s data repository by the relevant authority, instead of relying on registered licensees to ‘push’ data and/or reports out to regulators.

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Automated systems pull data for accurate and concise reporting
Reporting framework collects and processes data to meet obligations
Unified data and automated extracts improve integrity of source data
Managed workflows provide consistency, eliminating risk through reliability
Risk & Compliance

For Youi, scalability and governance are business critical

Youi Insurance sought an FP&A platform to embed scalability, governance and auditability in its finance operations, transforming its processes across planning, allocations and premium modelling.

The stress testing functionality and scenario analysis have proven key to its business, ensuring rigour around its full costing process.

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Risk & Compliance

Enacting complex reporting manually is a challenge

Our super fund clients are seeing the results of their data unification efforts. With streamlined, fully automated reporting, wrapped in tight security and governance, these super funds are producing reports of the highest quality, and trust.

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Risk & Compliance

Are you APRA-ready?

Data granularity is just the beginning of increasingly data-intense reporting obligations.

Your reporting framework needs to not only meet current regulatory requirements like SPS 515, but also have the flexibility to address future standards.

APRA Compliance & Reporting

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