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The only purpose-built financial consolidation, close and reporting cloud software for midmarket businesses.
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Tridant helps businesses consolidate and produce timely, trusted and more accurate numbers to enable informed and smarter decision making. We deliver game-changing efficiency gains and trusted, timely numbers to our customers who get the time, control and confidence they deserve.
Fluence Technologies

The consolidation software you deserve

As your business grows, so do your consolidation issues. Fluence's cloud software scales with you, ready to account for all your differences:

  • Subsidiaries (Acquisitions, business units, investments, other legal entities)
  • Regions (currencies, fiscal years, reporting rules)
  • Data Sources (GL software, ERP systems, financial and operational data)
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How Fluence helps with powerful consolidations:

Workflow Automation
Drag-and-drop with pre-built tasks types, data loads and Slack for enhance collaboration.
Excel Interface
Keep using the software you know and love, now powered by a single truth.
Data Transparency
Streamline your auditing with one-click, record-to-report audit trails on every number you see.
Consolidations Models
Built-in intercompany eliminations, account reconciliation, cash flow management and more.
Use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Power BI for financial and management reporting.
Fluence Technologies

Tridant's Fluence Technology Services

Tridant specialises in implementing Fluence Technology solutions, creating capacity for your team to spend valuable time on more rewarding, stretagic work.

Our expert team can help you go live in just weeks, not months, and provides you with trusted numbers, decisions and finance functions that significantly cuts costs and improves the accuracy of your reporting.
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Fluence Technologies

Wisdom of crowds market study findings

Fluence ranks as the #1 financial consolidation vendor based on four key technological features within the Wisdoms of Crowds Market Study.

This report covers various key insights that were discovered through trialing corporate management software supplier performance, enabling comparisons of current vendor performance to industry norms.

Find out more in the report by filling in the form below to download the report.
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Discover How Fluence Helps Your Business Thrive In Uncertain Times

Discover how a Fluence consolidation software solution can improve your business’ decision-making and deliver a more robust reporting platform.

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