A unified ELT platform to build pipelines and deliver data at unlimited scale.
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Full Saas Product
Use Matillion’s new Data Productivity Cloud (DPC) for unlimited scalability at low cost for cloud data movement.
Move Data Easily in the cloud
Use Matillion’s library of hundreds of connectors and load data faster to meet growing business demands.
Cloud Platform Management
Low/No Code Data Pipelines
Harness your data and perform complex transformations for use in analytics, with Matillion’s low-code designer.

Built for Best-of-Breed Cloud Platforms

Speed, performance, and scalability of Snowflake with native integration of key features and functions.
Reliability, governance, and performance, combined with the openness, flexibility, and AI/ML support of a lakehouse.
Amazon Redshift
Maximize the performance, cost, and scalability of your Amazon Redshift deployment.
Azure Synapse
Build out an entire data analytics platform with Azure Synapse and take full advantage of the cloud.
Google BigQuery
Take advantage of BigQuery’s ease of use and accelerate insights with Matillion’s low-code/no-code data integration platform.”

Why Matillion For Your Business?


If you have a best-of-breed Cloud Datawarehouse Technology, Matillion is a no-brainer.

Matillion loads efficiently and cost effectively into the highest quality cloud data platforms.

Accelerate your data work and build pipelines faster to deliver business-ready data, with as much or as little code as you like.
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#1 Tool For API-based Data Ingestion

Matillion supports an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors, making it easy to move data to and from your cloud data warehouse.

With in-built features, load millions of rows of data using API-based ingestion in a simple, cost-effective, and efficient process.
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Snowflake Xpress Migrator

The ever increasing demand for data and access to information is driving more businesses away from traditional on-premise data solutions and towards more modern, scalable, and cost–effective data management solutions.
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Getting Started With Prompt Engineering

In today's demanding AI and data-driven decision-making era, businesses continuously optimise their data management processes. This FREE eBook delves into the transformative potential of Large Language Models in tackling critical 
challenges in data transformation.

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