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Determining the right cloud service for the job is no small task.
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Are your cloud solutions enabling business continuity?

CIOs need to ensure optimal user experiences and application availability whilst managing CapEx, scalability, governance, security and other considerations. 

Cloud platform choices truly come to life with integration – the ability to run different applications, workloads, and business processes is critical.

Uninterrupted availability, on-demand scalability, better business.

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Cloud Data & Analytics

Mitigate risk & optimise stability in your cloud migration

Good technical design translates directly into the development speed and turn-around time, ultimately saving time and money. Align your design blueprint to your organisational goals.

Reduce maintenance costs, complexity, ensure scalability, and address all security needs.
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Data & Analytics
Easily collect data from different applications & sources for analysis, on demand
To run multiple vendor-specific applications seamlessly, good technical design is vital

Move and upgrade workloads & legacy applications, without service interruption

Microsoft Gold Competency

Tridant Awarded Microsoft Gold Competency

At Tridant, we specialise in cloud native solutions and platforms. With Azure, we support your plans to modernize applications, seamlessly harness data from anywhere and rapidly deliver actionable insights using modern DevOps principles.

Accelerate your cloud adoption with Azure
Snowflake Select Partner

Tridant awarded Snowflake Select Tier partner status

At Tridant, we help clients improve speed, scale and agility. We deploy cloud data architectures using Snowflake on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, pulling data from on-premise and cloud data sources to support data analytics, data science and AI workloads.

Move data and analytics workloads to the cloud with Snowflake

AWS Select Partner

Tridant awarded AWS Select Tier partner status

At Tridant, we specialise in digital transformation. With AWS, we support your cloud migration and application modernization plans with a deep set of tools and services to seamlessly migrate databases, servers, data and business applications.

Accelerate your cloud migration with AWS
IBM Platinum Partner

Tridant Awarded IBM Platinum Partner Status

At Tridant, we specialise in on-premise patterns and cloud native solutions. With IBM, we support your plans to upgrade on-premise data and analytics workloads, modernize applications in the cloud, harness complex data and infuse AI-powered tooling to deliver rapid insights.

Accelerate your digital transformation with IBM

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Data & Analytics FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I choose the right cloud platform for my business?

Choosing an exemplary data architecture and the right data platform to use is critical in setting your business up for success—so you must choose wisely. After all, you're laying the groundwork for your business data analytics and management practices for the next five to ten years.

Switching from one cloud platform to another is an expensive move, and only organisations with high data & analytics maturity can safely juggle multiple platforms. It's vital that it meets your needs, working most efficiently and effectively for your organisation.

There are four leading cloud platforms to choose from:

  • Microsoft Azure

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • IBM Cloud

  • Google Cloud

As one of Australia's leading data analytics companies, Tridant can help you determine the right platform for your business growth.

Which cloud infrastructure should I choose?

Choosing the best cloud infrastructure for your business depends on how you will use it, and what you're using it for. There are three main options we recommend:

Private Cloud

A private cloud is the most secure type of cloud computing. In this circumstance, your business retains exclusive use of the cloud computing resources, services, and infrastructure maintained on your own private network. They can be hosted on-site or externally with a third-party provider. This method gives you more control, flexibility, and security in your cloud computing operations.

Public Cloud

Under a public cloud solution, all the software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure is owned and stored offsite by your cloud service provider. You access your cloud services through your own secure user logins and access. However, you're not the only one using the infrastructure. The hardware, storage, and network are used by a range of other tenants. Think of examples like Microsoft Azure or Google Drive. A public cloud solution allows you to reduce costs, and not worry about maintenance or storage issues while delivering exceptional reliability and practically unlimited scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud option is the most commonly used cloud solution. It enables your business to work within a private cloud environment and retain the security of your private network, but with the ability to take advantage of additional public resources as your business' computing demands fluctuate. It's the best of both worlds and a cost-effective option that empowers a gradual migration to cloud computing. It doesn't happen all at once, so you can stage your migration over an extended period. We recommend this solution when your data-generating applications and processes must be accessible on-site and in the cloud.

Get in touch with us to discuss the cloud infrastructure that will see you on your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation.

Which data architecture do you recommend?

Leveraging the power of your big data analytics services, it's all about matching the capabilities with your business needs. Choosing the right data architecture will set your business up for a productive, effective, data-driven future.

At Tridant, we recommend Snowflake. Snowflake, The Data Cloud, is a SaaS platform that was born in the cloud and built to take advantage of cloud resources. It can sit on top of the three public cloud providers—Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. This gives you the assurance that this flexibility will stop you from being locked in to one cloud platform.

Get in touch with us to take it for a test drive.

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