Data Strategy
A long-term plan that defines the technology, processes, people, and rules required to take advantage of information assets.
Trusted advice in the space of Data, Analytics, AI, & Financial Performance Management to set your organisation on the right path.
A short term, medium term, and longer-term roadmap, prioritised based on your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Data Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

Develop and execute a Data Analytics Strategy & Roadmap that is tailored to your organisation.

Insights That Optimise Your Organisation 

Data Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

Our team of seasoned Data & Analytics professionals will guide your organisation in setting a comprehensive and potent Data and Analytics Strategy and Roadmap.

We will converse with key stakeholders at various levels of your organisation and ensure a to-do list is captured and prioritised by taking a holistic approach.
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Data-Driven Excellence

Better Insights Help You To Make Better Business Decisions

In the end, the data serves a purpose – for insights and decision making. Decision making can be done by humans or automated through operational analytics.

Our Data Analytics & AI experts will guide you on setting the best strategy to achieve organisational goals.
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What We Can Do For You

Current State Understanding

Establish your current Data & Analytics state in terms of technology, process and people.

Maturity Assessment

An in-depth understanding of your organisation's current maturity levels mapped to where you need to be in the short, medium and long-term.

Data Governance

An important step to ensure your Data Strategy and Roadmap is a success.

Future State Architecture

Our Data & Analytics Architects will design a future state architecture that your executives can use as a guiding light and architects can use to drive change.

Cost vs Benefit Analysis

Our experts will create a cost vs benefit analysis for the various initiatives that have been requested for by the business.

Prioritised Roadmap

A detailed roadmap of activities prioritised by your organisation’s needs and differentiated by short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Meet our Data Strategy, Advisory,
& Roadmap Team

Michael Taylor

Data & Analytics 
Michael has diversified the growth of Tridant’s Data & Analytics team into different areas like Cloud Data, Data Analytics and Data Science.

Oswald Almeida

Data & Analytics 
Oswald leads the Cloud Data team and has over 18 years in implementing and leading end-to-end Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. 

Jared Innes

Business Intelligence
Jared has a well-rounded technical skillset with over 14 years of hands-on experience developing business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries and technologies.

Hoang Nguyen

Data & Analytics 
Hoang’s expertise includes machine learning and AI, deep learning, natural languages processing, clinical and geo-spatial data analyses. 

How Does Our Consulting Process Work? 

1. Book a Discovery Session

Let's have a 15min conversation so that we can better understand what problems you're trying to solve. 

2. Data & Analytics Strategy

With that understanding, we'll present our recommended solution, your expected outcomes and the project next steps.

3. Implement & Support

We get to work. We also provide internal training & support so your staff can manage the new processes moving forward. 

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