The Utilities industry is going through significant changes through new mandates from the regulator to prepare to become a 'Distribution System Operator'. 

This will involve distributing and managing energy from the generation sources such as Solar, Electric Batteries, and Electric Vehicles to the final consumers and at the same time safely managing the network and ensuring customer safety.

Real Time and Non-Real-Time, two-way flow of data between the devices, customer and distributor, and automated operational analytics will be key to achieve these outcomes.
Enterprise Data Foundation Layer
A central repository of all Enterprise Data across the business collated for insights as well as reporting and operational decision-making. This can be in the form of a Data Lake and Data Warehouse.
Real-Time Analytics
Data arrives from smart meters and devices every few minutes and is required to be processed, queried, and analysed at the same time.
Operational Analytics
Operational Analytics involves automating the end-to-end business processes so that we can eliminate the intermediate report or dashboard and human decision-making to close the loop.

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Asset Management

Asset Management speaks to the heart of the Utilities business and understanding what assets you own; what asset characteristics you collect vs you should collect can go a long way to enable use cases such as Asset Maintenance, Condition, Failures, Fire Starts, and Storm Events.

LV Derms

A low voltage (LV), distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) is a platform which helps distribution system operators (DSO’s) manage their grids that are mainly based on distributed energy resources (DER). Mandates in this area means Utilities need to prepare their software and data capabilities accordingly.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting Teams need to report across various areas of the business and hence rely on good practices in relation to data quality, data lineage, and data ownership. Repex Modeling and Categorisation is also an important focus area.

Data Sharing

A distributor needs to share critical network and customer related data to not only the regulator (AEMO) but also to governing bodies such as Councils, Police and partners and suppliers.

Network Service Delivery

Network Service Delivery is the heart of the business that ensures a safe and reliable network for its customers. Typical use cases are: Network Forecasting, Workforce Utilisation, Major Project Estimation, and Benchmarking

Customer Service

Use cases such as a single view of the customer, insight into customer call history, sharing of outage information with the customer, and retailer performance reporting are relevant.

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