Accelerating the Migration to Snowflake

The value of data is becoming increasingly important for organisations to stay informed and quickly make important business decisions. The ever increasing demand for data and access to information is driving businesses away from traditional on-premise data solutions towards more modern, scalable, and cost- effective data management solutions.

Tridant’s Snowflake Xpress Migrator solution enables businesses to accelerate the transition from on-premise relational databases to a leading cloud data management platform. Tridant will ensure your transition is a smooth process and apply best practice throughout the migration process, including:

  • Assessing success criteria and use cases.
  • Assessment of data to lift & shift
  • Planning the architecture, security and networking aspects of your cloud solution
  • Documentation of existing and new cloud systems
  • Achieving consensus on plan, team, and outcomes.
  • Testing of data, connections, and accessibility
  • Publishing & sharing data with business users
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Scale up or scale down with unlimited storage and/or computation as the business requires more or less capacity and resources over time
Cost Efficiency
Per second computation billing and per month storage billing means you only pay for what is actually used, resulting in maximised cost efficiency
Increased Security
Industry leading security specifications for the network, data, and user accessibility

Snowflake Xpress Migration features:

  • Migration of unlimited tables of data from a relational, on-premise,  data warehouse or database like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle into a cloud data warehouse or database like Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server or Azure Synapse.
  • Migration of data from on-premise or cloud based relational or semi-structured data files into the Snowflake cloud database.
  • Creation of a data foundation layer that will set your organisation up for data analytics
  • Acquisition of data from vital business data sources like ERP, CRM, CDP systems into a centralised single version of truth.
  • A connection from Snowflake to Power BI and setup of a Snowflake monitoring dashboard for visibility into usage and costs
  • Automation of basic business rules, data cleansing rules, data loading rules while migrating the data to eliminate bad data from getting into the cloud database.
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Snowflake Xpress Migrator

The ever increasing demand for data and access to information is driving more businesses away from traditional on-premise data solutions and towards more modern, scalable, and cost–effective data management solutions.

Snowflake Xpress Migrator

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In this session you will gain valuable insight on:

  • The features of Tridant's Accelerated Migration to Snowflake Solution and how their implementation can benefit your organisation.
  • The process of transferring existing data management deployments to the cloud Snowflake platform.
  • Best practice techniques applied by Tridant throughout the migration process to make the process for you as smooth as possible.
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