Quick decisions must be the right decisions – based on reliable information and efficient processes.
As a result the pro-active involvement of the Finance function has never been more important in driving a culture of accountability, enabling better decision-making, and the effective delivery of government policy.

Our proven range of Services & Solutions

Simplify the steps involved in delivering the information required to manage current and future funding arrangements

Redefine the role of Finance Managers, enabling them to spend less time on data preparation and more time on analysis

Replace out of date technology and skills with new techniques, methods and support arrangements to improve efficiency and reduce system reliability risk

Enable broader business involvement across all processes including planning new initiatives, formulating forward estimates, creating detailed budgets and reporting on progress.
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The Tridant Government Forward Module

Designed specifically to support the Finance function within government departments and agencies this independent solution provides an effective way of conducting forward estimates and budget projections for revenue, expenses and statements of financial position for the 3-5 years beyond the current (budgeted) fiscal year.

Designed to fit any chart of account structure this solution has been the trusted solution of choice for a wide range of departments and agencies.
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State Government Budget Management

The process of planning, allocating, monitoring, and controlling financial resources within a State Government is often referred to as the Government Budget Model. The model provides a plan that outlines the state's anticipated revenues, expenditures, and financial priorities over a period of time.

This process can be both complex and challenging, as revenues and expenses can often arise unexpectedly throughout the period.

Tridant's State Government Budget Management Solution provides an integrated solution for management of forward estimates as well as the internal cash flowing and forecasting required to support management of the current year budget.
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