Operations is the delivery mechanism of the business: providing both what the business sells and how that product gets to market. It is an engine driving the work in purchasing, production, distribution, logistics, and inventory management.

That engine depends on input from the frontline functions of the business—Sales, Marketing, and Finance. Optimising operational processes through timely access to trusted data is vital.

Operational Data Mart
A central repository of all Operational Data across the business collated for insights, reporting and operational decision making.
Operational Reporting
Gold standard reports that allow you to monitor key KPI's and gain insights from your data to drive the business forward.
Operational Analytics
Automated end-to-end processes that eliminate intermediate reports, and human decision making, to close the loop.

What We Can Do For You

Raw Materials Optimisation

Make the best use of available inventory considering factors such as the perishability of the products, product quality, product cost, and order fulfillment.

Process Efficiency

Improving process efficiency through automation, digitisation, and elimination of manual processes or wastage.

Order Fulfillment

Provide insights into the process of receiving goods, actioning the order, and delivering the orders to customers.

Production & Capacity Planning

Gain a better understanding of both production capacity to meet changing product needs and design capacity to complete tasks work in a given time period.

Distribution and Logistics

Insight and ability to achieve greater efficiency into warehousing, transport, e-commerce fulfillment, and distribution.
Supply Planning Icon

Carbon Footprint Reporting 

Insight into the environmental impact, measured though carbon footprint, of the product you sell or service you provide.

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