Anaplan & Tableau Combo

A Magic combination: Anaplan + Tableau

Tableau empowers users to better see and understand their data through powerful visualisations, while Anaplan provides a cloud financial planning platform that connects data, people, and plans in every part of your business. Not many people realise that Tableau and

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Spreadsheet Planning

Spreadsheet Planning Is No Longer Fit-For-Purpose

Having just returned from AnaplanHub 2018, a key takeaway for me was listening to the many Anaplan clients discuss their #ConnectedPlanning journey. Consequently when I saw that Lindsay Alexander, Exec Director, Global Strategic Pricing from Estee Lauder was presenting on

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Business Partner

5 reasons why you need a business partner

The following 5 reasons are why every company should use a trusted business partner to manage vendor relationships/projects on their behalf. 1 – Protection As a client, you need to be sure that someone has your best interests at heart.

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