The Future of Finance without SAP BPC

Published on: 3 April 2024
Written by: Tridant

Is SAP BPC going away?

SAP has announced that maintenance of its BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) product will conclude at the end of 2027 and this end-of-life date has left Finance leaders with a decision to make on how they will move forward with their consolidation and reporting activities.

Many decision makers can be hesitant to replace existing software with new software, discouraged by the thought of significant financial and time investment, however leaders should approach this situation with a much more open mindset. BPC’s end-of-life presents a valuable opportunity for Finance teams to not only replace their system but also to optimise processes, enhance functionality and obtain software security into the future.

It is critical that Finance teams are proactive in making a decision on how they will move forward after BPC’s end-of-life date, with delayed decision making likely to result in:

  • added drains on Finance, IT and third party consultants
  • costly maintenance fees without the support and upgrades you need
  • security, compliance and data integrity risks.

SAP are recommending for BPC users to make what they consider a convenient transition to their new consolidation product ‘Group Reporting’, however this is likely to lead to unnecessary costs and complications. Even if you’re already an SAP customer, moving to Group Reporting means you’ll have to:

  • buy additional software for multiple ERPs, or to fill the feature gaps in Group Reporting
  • adopt S4/HANA across all your business entities
  • endure months-long implementations and steep learning curves for your team.

The simplest, most effective and efficient alternative solution is Fluence. With out-of-the-box functionality, Fluence is an enterprise class consolidation solution available to organisations at a midmarket price. From the architects behind IBM Cognos Controller, OutlookSoft/BPC and more, Fluence is an evolutionary leap in SaaS consolidation and reporting software.

The Fluence automated migration tool assists the migration process by duplicating your BPC data, metadata and rules, allowing for deployment of the solution in weeks, not months. Users gain flexible, self-serve reporting unimaginable with SAP, all in an Excel-based tool for any business audience.

Are you still deciding on how to handle your consolidation and reporting activities post-BPC? Download our free brochure to learn about a more powerful, affordable and modern SaaS financial consolidation solution.

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