To ensure success with their mandates, sports governing bodies must focus on enabling and encouraging grass roots sports. This ensures the sports played at the grass roots levels is in tune with how the players and teams are expected to play at senior and professional levels.

Encouraging female participation in sports has also had a big push in recent years and already bearing fruit. Key KPI’s such as Customer 360 Degree View, Member or Participant 360 Degree View, Ticketing Sales Growth, Breakdown of Ticket Sales by Channel is key to ensure success of sporting events at all levels.
Enterprise Data Foundation Layer
A central repository of all Enterprise Data across the business collated for insights as well as reporting and operational decision-making. This can be in the form of a Data Lake and Data Warehouse.
Real Time Analytics
Data arrives from ticketing platforms, such as Ticketmaster and Ticketek, at various velocities and volumes before and during events, and decisions can be made in real time to maximise revenue.
Data Sharing
Two-way sharing of data with partners, suppliers, other sports bodies, councils, and police is crucial in maximising revenue, savings costs, running successful events and gaining a better understanding of customers.

What We Can Do For You

Single View of Customer

To achieve a Single View of Customer (SVOC), we collate data from different systems that supply a customer record, analyse and clean the data, perform customer matching, and finally prepare a customer data model suitable for reporting and analytics.

Participant 360 Degree View

Every sports governing body needs to understand their members or social play participants well to drive mandates such as grass roots sports and female participation in sports. Establishing a wholistic understanding of your member or participants can help streamline these efforts.

Ticket Sales Growth

Ticket sales data may arrive from one or more ticketing platforms, such as Ticketmaster and Ticketek, may arrive at different velocity, volume, and in different formats. Capturing this data and producing real time analytics on sales numbers is crucial for the Marketing team.

Ticket Sales by Channel

An understanding of how ticket sales are performing across various channels can have a big impact on marketing spend and ad revenue.

Court or Ground Hire

Understanding the facilities hire process is crucial to ensure both grass roots sports and social play aspects are well understood.

Social Play Insights

Understanding the Social Play aspect of all sports can help sports governing bodies drive mandates and mission statements.

How Does Our Consulting Process Work? 

1. Book a Discovery Session

Let's have a 15min conversation so that we can better understand what problems you're trying to solve. 

2. Data & Analytics Strategy

With that understanding, we'll present our recommended solution, your expected outcomes and the project next steps.

3. Implement & Support

We get to work. We also provide internal training & support so your staff can manage the new processes moving forward. 
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