Solve Business Problems
Use data insights to solve business problems and increase efficiency across your organisation.
Data Optimisation
Formulate the best strategy for data ingestion, data architecture, data modeling, and data archiving, to unlock the power of true self-service, securely and efficiently.
Meaningful, Actionable Insights
Harness the power of your data by having it translated into insights that drive your business forward.
Insights That Optimise Your Organisation 

Consulting that delivers an executable strategy that's backed by data analytics

Our consultants create a strategic plan to drive your organisation to where it needs to be. The roadmap ahead becomes crystal clear by thoroughly understanding your data and aligning it with your business objectives.

We deliver this roadmap in a way that optimises every aspect of your organisation’s journey ahead.   
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Data-Driven Excellence

Our expertise maximises your data experience

You have the data, and our consultants can translate it into solutions that elevate your business performance. Our expertise will transform your data assets into optimal operational outcomes.
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What We Can Do For You

Strategy & Advisory

Delivering a comprehensive data strategy, with an executable roadmap that delivers on every level. 

Data Migration Solutions

Seamless migrations, free of interruptions, with proprietary solutions and methodologies that accelerate the process.

Data Warehousing

An end to data disarray, with centralised, streamlined data platforms that drive business growth. 

Cloud Setup & Architecture

We build every aspect of your cloud set-up and platform architecture, from design to handover, for better business.

Business Intelligence

Increase operational efficiency and your organisation’s ability to make rapid data driven decisions. 

Data Modelling

Gain complete clarity, solve complex business issues and achieve higher quality outcomes with data modelling.

Data Governance

Using consistent, high quality data sources maximises business planning and outcomes. 

Data Quality & Cleaning

Improve data quality with data profiling and data cleansing for better business outcomes

Predictive Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with predictive insights that increase efficiency and create actionable insights.

Staff Augmentation

Short on technical expertise for an upcoming project?

Utilise the exceptional skills of Tridant's Data & Analytics experts for one-off projects, ongoing technical work or internal staff training, delivered flexibly through our Staff Augmentation services.
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Our Data Analytics Consultants

Michael Taylor

Data & Analytics 
Michael has diversified the growth of Tridant’s Data & Analytics team into different areas like Cloud Data, Data Analytics and Data Science.

Oswald Almeida

Cloud Data 
Oswald has over 18 years of experience leading and implementing end-to-end Data and Analytics solutions for customers globally. 

Jared Innes

Business Intelligence
Jared has a well-rounded technical skillset with over 14 years of hands-on experience developing business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries and technologies.

Hoang Nghiem

Data Science
Hoang’s expertise includes machine learning and AI, deep learning, natural languages processing, clinical and geo-spatial data analyses. 

How Does Our Data Consulting Process Work? 

1. Book a Discovery Session

Let's have a 15min conversation so that we can better understand what problems you're trying to solve. 

2. Data & Analytics Strategy

With that understanding, we'll present our recommended solution, your expected outcomes and the project next steps.

3. Implement & Support

We get to work. We also provide internal training & support so your staff can manage the new processes moving forward. 
Data & Analytics FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a data analytics company help me?

Correct data management can have significant benefits for your business. Understanding your company data fully creates new pathways for advanced business intelligence. While there are many data analytics tools available, having a team who are able to translate that data for you precisely ensures that available data sources and data sets are best utilised to benefit your business decisions.

Tridant specialises in data analytics consulting to help businesses reinvent workflows and organisational models to increase efficiency across every aspect of their operations.

This may be done with the automation of business processes, supply chain management improvements, or using technology to accelerate business growth.

Using data science allows us to create insights that an organisation can use to predict and engineer systems and processes that accelerate expansion and make business decisions that improve operations and efficiency.

How can advanced analytics optimise business workflows?

Businesses often rely on industry insights and reporting tools to understand how to improve their overall workflows.

Technology has created opportunities to access big data, but without understanding it fully and applying these insights to create improvement, data is often wasted or not applied to its fullest capabilities.

Most businesses have so much data that they struggle to even store it efficiently, let alone access key data points to drive their business forward.

Having professional support to provide advanced analytics, and strategically apply data insights can bring improvements across every aspect of your organisation.

Efficiency, performance, management of supply ecosystems, customer experiences, employee satisfaction, accounting and reporting are just some of the areas that can be vastly improved when data is put to good use.

What role does data analytics play in the automation of processes?

Data analytics specialists collate information that increases overall business intelligence. Once an organisation has a clear snapshot of the systems and processes in their business, they are able to use that data to implement automation in areas that most benefit.

Knowing that a manual system is costing your company significantly and can easily be automated allows for technology-led improvements. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is frequently used to remove the necessity of repetitive manual processes that are not cost-effective.

Machine learning uses data to replicate human learning, which has been applied by many businesses to increase user experience. Many popular streaming services use machine learning algorithms to understand customer demand and recommend predictive suggestions based on previous user data points.

How do data analytics consultants perform big data integration?

To improve the overall value of data insights, data analytics consultants often combine data analytics processes to integrate big data management. Older data integration methods often struggle to stay ahead of new data, whereas big data analytics uses several methods and techniques to ensure data quality and applications.

This allows data analytics consultants to focus on the bigger picture, and ensure the timely capture and utilisation of many sources of data.

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