Complex Transaction Matching

Reduce risk and focus finance and accounting capacity on exceptions and other priorities by automating repetitive, high-volume transaction reconciliations.
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Advanced Bank Reconciliation
BlackLine Transaction Matching is a specialised software solution designed to automate and streamline the complex transaction matching use cases, reconciling large volumes of transactions within an organisation. This tool is particularly useful for matching and comparing data from various sources, such as bank statements, payment gateways, operational systems and/or general ledger entries, to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy in records.

The product offers an efficient and automated solution for reconciling transactions, minimising errors, and improving the overall accuracy and integrity of an organisation's financial records.
Automated Matching
The software employs advanced algorithms to automatically match transactions based on predefined criteria, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This automation enhances efficiency and accuracy in the reconciliation process.
Flexible Matching Rules
Users can configure matching rules to accommodate different reconciliation scenarios and business requirements. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt the matching criteria to specific transaction types or varying data formats.
Exception Handling
Transaction Matching identifies and flags discrepancies or unmatched transactions for further investigation, enabling finance professionals to focus their attention on resolving issues rather than sifting through large datasets manually.
The solution is designed to handle high volumes of transactions, making it suitable for organisations with complex financial structures and a large number of transactions to reconcile. It scales to meet the needs of growing businesses.
Audit Trail
The software maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all matching activities, providing transparency and accountability. This audit trail is valuable for internal controls, compliance, and audit purposes.
Transaction Matching seamlessly integrates with other financial systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting software, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized reconciliation process across the organisation.

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Our BlackLine team comprises of certified accountants with experience in public accounting, finance transformation consulting and implementations of financial close solutions.

Our team has combined experience delivering transaction matching solutions over a variety of use cases and industries, from simple deployments to solve bank reconciliations to complex matching use cases requiring the ingestion of data from dozens of data sources.

Tridant has been recognised as the BlackLine APAC Solution Partner of the year for the last three calendar years.
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