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Published on: 21 March 2023
Written by: Tridant

BlackLine provides accounting automation solutions that help organisations increase efficiency, visibility, and control their finance processes. By automating tasks currently completed manually, BlackLine's financial close solutions create capacity within finance teams, allowing them to spend time on other valuable tasks.

To showcase the value of a Financial Close Solution we have created a collection of videos explaining different features and functionality of the BlackLine product. You can watch all of the videos below.

An Introduction to BlackLine

In this video, Bob Boyne, Practice Director - Financial Close Solutions at Tridant, provides an overview of what a financial close solution is and the value it can provide an organisation. Bob specifically discusses BlackLine's solution and the features of BlackLine that help business's automate manual processes and decrease the time taken to complete a financial close. 

A Preview of BlackLine

In this video, Bob provides a preview of what BlackLine actually looks like for an end user. Bob shows the type of dashboards that can be created in BlackLine, depending on what information is most important to you, as well as discussing what each user is able to see depending on your role within the organisation.

Reconciliations in Excel vs BlackLine

In this video, Daniel Rizza, Financial Close Consultant at Tridant, shows the differences between what a reconciliation looks like when completed in Excel in comparison to when a reconciliation is completed in BlackLine. Daniel covers the different ways of reconciling within the BlackLine solution, as well as discussing some new concepts in BlackLine regarding account reconciliations.

Managing Financial Close

In this video, Daniel discusses how to better manage your Financial Close using BlackLine. Daniel looks into the common challenges faced by managers of the close process, and how they can be mitigated using a financial close solution tool.

Task Management

In this video, Daniel explains the benefits of the Task Management Module within BlackLine. Daniel demonstrates how users can better manage the completion of their tasks and recs, assisting others when either picking up or reviewing the tasks. This helps streamline processes and eliminate the need for constant meetings between team members reviewing checklists and other to-do's.

Auto-Certification Rules

In this video, Bob focuses in on BlackLine's Auto-Certification capabilities. This involves the use of decision tree-based logic embedded within the technology which enables automation across what would normally be manual reconciliation processes.

Reconciliation Templates

In this video, Bob focuses in on BlackLine's Reconciliation Templates which are predefined structures for how you perform your month-end balance sheet reconciliations within BlackLine. Bob specifically looks at three different templates and the value they can provide in optimising your reconciliation processes.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation

In this video, Bob looks at the process of completing Advanced Bank Reconciliations within BlackLine. Bob explains the difference between a standard reconciliation and an advanced reconciliation, as well as taking a look at the automation that BlackLine can provide for completing reconciliations as opposed to the capabilities of an ERP.

Finance & Accounting Priorities

In this video, Bob takes a look at some of the most common Finance and Accounting Priorities for organisations and explains how a Financial Close Solution, such as BlackLine, can help achieve these objectives both directly and indirectly.

Industry Spotlight - Retail

In this video, Bob focuses in on the Retail Industry and how organisations in this industry can benefit from a Financial Close Solution like BlackLine. Bob looks at the automation provided by BlackLine in the Transaction Matching process, as well as benefits of BlackLine for Retail-specific reconciliations.

Industry Spotlight - Insurance

In this video, Bob focuses in on the Insurance Industry and how BlackLine can assist with completing reconciliations specific to this industry. Bob shows the value of BlackLine in mitigating data aggregation challenges that can not be managed effectively by an ERP.

Intercompany Transactions

In this video, Bob covers how BlackLine can assist in reducing the common pain points associated with Intercompany Transactions. Bob demonstrates an example of transactions between two different entities and explains how BlackLine's Auto-Certification Rules and Transaction Matching capabilities can automate these reconciliation processes.

Managing Risk

In this video Ben Cummins, Financial Close Consultant at Tridant, explains how you can better manage your risks by using BlackLine. Ben specifically looks at how preparers can utilise BlackLine's three different Item Classifications to provide reviewers with important context regarding the supporting items within reconciliations.

Automating Administrative Tasks

In this video, Ben discusses how administrative tasks can be automated using BlackLine. Ben specifically looks at two functionalities know as 'Auto-grouping Rules' and 'Account Rules', both of which help eliminate manual tasks and free up capacity in your team.

External Audit Ready

In this video Adriana Cheng, Financial Close Consultant at Tridant, explains how you can use BlackLine to make the Audit process more efficient for both your organisation and the Auditors. Adriana discusses how BlackLine can help to reduce the volume of audit sampling, the effort in fulfilling audit requests and the number of management letter points.

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