Workday Adaptive Planning  in partnership with Fluence Technologies is designed to meet the requirements of both Financial Consolidation & Close (FC&C) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) with a purpose-built application dedicated to the unique requirements of each.

With Workday Adaptive Planning's unified platform and purpose-built integration framework, organizations can adopt company-wide, continuous planning and scenario analysis backed by machine learning to achieve real-time results.

Fluence offers a best-in-class financial consolidation solution, built to support the consolidation, close and account reconciliation requirements for large and complex organisations. Similar to Workday Adaptive Planning, the Fluence solution was born in the cloud, designed for modern global businesses and, unlike other FC&C solutions, built for finance to own with no coding or IT requirements.

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Continuous Company-Wide Planning
Utilise integrated and aligned operational planning with unlimited versions and scenarios.
Adapt and Perform at Scale
Focus on one true single version cloud architecture with Elastic Hypercube Technology for in-memory, scalable power.
Access to Richer Insights in real-time
View always-ready web reports and dashboards with self-service analysis and Microsoft Office Integration.
Improved accuracy and transparency
Gain confidence in the numbers with enhanced visibility to what makes up data with drill-down functionality.

Product Features


  • Consolidation templates, models, and rules
  • Close process management
  • Account matching and reconciliation
  • Standardised statutory reporting


  • Company-wide, collaborative planning
  • Rich analysis of financial and operational data
  • Comprehensive management reporting include pre-post consolidating reports

How Does The Solution Process Work?

1. Book A Discovery Session

Get in touch with one of our Workday Adaptive & Fluence experts for a quick chat to discuss the value you could receive from a solution.

2. Roadmap To Success

Work with our team to create a realistic and streamlined plan for implementation of the solution that best suits your organisation's needs and timeline.

3. Implement & Support

Begin to utilize the solution and experience it first-hand within your organization, all whilst receiving on-demand support to ensure you are gaining maximum value.

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