Enterprise & Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Upgrade your EPM and CPM processes, streamline your workflows, and use unified planning to drive better business growth.
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Unite Business Planning
Access a unified solution that can be deployed across your entire enterprise, making collaborative decisions at every level.
Automate Financial Operations
Take advantage of powerful automation to improve your financial processes and reduce business delays.
Drive Profitability
Accelerate decision making and gain better insight into where your business will get better return on investment.
Performance Management

Connect Your Crucial Planning Decisions

Disconnected decision making, incomplete planning, and inaccurate forecasting are all symptoms of a business that’s actively stifling growth. And it’s likely not intentional—it’s your performance management that’s letting you down.
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Performance management

Improve Performance Across Your Entire Enterprise

Comprehensive EPM and CPM solutions enable you to identify where your current business processes and procedures are failing. You’re able to eliminate the bottlenecks, optimise your workflows, and build strong business governance that sets your organisation up for success at every level.
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Powerful Performance Management Solutions that Deliver Superior Business Insight

Accelerate a data-driven culture within your organisation, to deliver better decision making, and better business.
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Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Does your business’ financial goals accurately match your strategic and operating plans?

Understand the critical business methodologies that can help your business drive growth, boost performance, and set itself up for long-term success.

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Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Tridant can help you review your entire business’ workflows and processes, and work with you to facilitate a more transparent, streamlined, and data-driven business.

It’s all about working with the right tools, for the right purpose.
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Unrivaled Insights

Advanced Analytics

Plan for the future—but take action in the present. Our Advanced Analytics enables your organisation to discover patterns and trends contained within both your structured and unstructured data, that provides valuable insights to help you predict the outcomes of future events. It’s all about being prepared.
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Drive Better Decisionss

Business Intelligence

Improve your business performance by gaining insight into every aspect of how it operates. From in-depth reporting, to easy-to-understand scorecards, and real-time dashboards, we work with you to deliver comprehensive integrated business intelligence solutions that harness the power of your available data.
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Cloud Platform Management
Modern Cloud Solutions

Cloud Data & Analytics

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
Cloud Data & Analytics >
Cloud Platform Architecture
Organise & Optimise

Data Warehousing

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Performance Solutions

Systems Automation

Our EPM and CPM solutions empower your business to eliminate those time-consuming, manual tasks that are slowing your processes down. Take advantage of powerful automation tools to improve your financial processes, accelerate decision-making, and reduce business delays. You’ll be able to elevate the accuracy of your forecasting and respond better to changing business conditions.

Performance Solutions

Improved Reporting

Ensure the data your business relies on is more complete and accurate. Improve your financial management, and facilitate better analysis of results and trends to understand changes and challenges at a micro level. Achieve improved insight that matches financial performance to strategic plans and delivers more comprehensive reporting.

Ensure Flexibility and Optimise How Your Business Grows

Business flexibility is built on control. By streamlining your business performance and improving your planning and decision-making processes, you’re able to firmly anchor your planning to your performance management—and take control of your growth.

Tridant’s expert team works with you to establish strong data foundations, automate your financial planning, improve the management of your analytics, and make better, data-driven decisions across your entire business.

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We’ve been delivering comprehensive performance management solutions to our clients for over 15 years.
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We’re data geeks, and solving complex data & analytics problems is what we do best.

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Choosing The Right Corporate Performance Management Solution For Your Business

Discover how to harness the right corporate performance management software solution to effectively interpret your critical business data, enable smart decision-making, and prime your business for long-term growth and success.

How Can Tridant Bring This To Life For Your Business? 

We help you to take advantage of streamlined Performance Management software solutions by significantly reducing the issues and risks caused by desktop-based spreadsheets.
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Our Proven Process

Our 3-step proven process make it easier to grow your business.
Step #1
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Step #2
Build Your Data Strategy 
We work with you to create a customised CPM/EPM adoption plan from start to finish.
Step #3
Unlock Insights & Growth
Transform your business’ planning, communication, and flexibility, and enjoy better business performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business invest in a performance management solution? 

The business world is in a constant state of change, and it’s critical that your organisation is able to adapt to these changes. 

A comprehensive and robust CPM and EPM solution enables your business with the tools to more accurately monitor its financial and operational results in real time. The business can then measure these against business goals and forecasts, analyse the situation, identify key trends, and then use this to model and predict outcomes. From this, your business is then able to start planning towards these results. 

As the name suggests, it’s all about delivering performance management that empowers your business to grow. 

Investing in a performance management solution enables your business to optimise its processes, reduce barriers between business functions, access better data in your decision making, and ultimately enables you to make better financial decisions and deliver more growth for your business.

Which industries do you help to improve their performance management practices?

We provide performance management solutions and services across any industry and the platforms don’t necessarily limit themselves to certain verticals.  Our focus is primarily on Finance, HR and Supply Chain (S&OP) related functions.

We employ subject matter expertise in:

  • Insurance
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Higher Education
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Government

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