An integrated system for budgeting and forecasting the State Government Budget.

The process of planning, allocating, monitoring, and controlling financial resources within a State Government is often referred to as the Government Budget Model. It involves the development and execution of a budget, which is a comprehensive financial plan that outlines the state's anticipated revenues, expenditures, and financial priorities over a specific period, typically a fiscal year.

Tridant's Budgeting and Forecasting system provides an integrated solution for management of forward estimates as well as the internal cash flowing and forecasting required to support management of the current year budget. The system provides core budgeting and forecasting capability that captures, reconciles and exports data in addition to providing modelling and scenario planning functionality. Our solution simplifies the maintenance of the Budget in terms of moving cash around and ensuring there is no deficit.

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Budget Development
State Government agencies collaborate to create budget proposals, estimating expected revenue and determining how funds will be allocated to various programs, services, and government functions.
Allocation of Resources
The budget allocates resources to different departments and programs based on the state's priorities. This process involves considering the needs of education, healthcare, public safety, infrastructure, social services, and other key sectors. ​
Monitoring & Oversight
Throughout the fiscal year, state officials monitor the financial performance against the budget. This involves tracking revenues, expenditures, and any changes in economic conditions that may impact the budget. ​
The system provides streamlined and efficient budgeting and forecasting processes significantly reducing the extent of manual intervention, reducing reliance on spreadsheets, and improving both the quality and integrity of data. ​

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