Modern Data Warehouse Solutions

Organise and streamline your data through one central platform, enabling improved analytics and make better business decisions.
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Boost efficiency
All the data you need in one central location, available in real-time—no waiting until the next business day.
Empower business growth

A modern data warehouse solution is designed to grow as your business does, with unlimited queries enabling underpinning an infinitely scalable solution.

Drive Revenue
Better quality data at hand means you can access smarter insight, and make more insightful decisions to improve business results.

Why Use a Data Warehouse?

A modern business shouldn’t depend on disorganised, outdated data

Businesses rely on efficiency, but when you’re operating using legacy systems or disparate, disorganised data sets, you’re leaving your teams open to error. Or worse, you may be missing key pieces of your business puzzle.
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Optimise your business intelligence and get better oversight of your entire operation

A modern data warehouse solution streamlines how your business accesses and capitalises on its data. Access historical data to make better decisions for the future, and align goals with business strategy to keep your business on track for targeted growth.

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Discover the benefits of the right data warehouse design

Save Money
Uncover and identify business opportunities more easily, and eliminate inefficiencies.
Save Time
Eliminate workflow bottlenecks, and streamline how you organise your data.
Improve Quality
Clean data as it enters your warehouse to improve quality and consistency.
Optimise Decision Making
Accurate data in real-time enables you to make informed decisions on the fly.
Improve Collaboration
Ensure your data is available when it needs to be, on any platform.
Safer Data
Set more secure permissions and access so only the right people can access your data.

Access better data to deliver more confident decision-making at every level of your business

Being a data-informed business isn’t good enough — you need to transform into a truly data-driven organisation. At Tridant, we help you leverage the power of a modern data warehouse design.

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Data Warehouse Solutions

What is a data warehouse?

Your data warehouse is a data management system that collects and stores information from a wide range of sources across your entire business.

Data flows into your data warehouse from these sources, where it’s consolidated, cleaned, and stored clearly, logically, and accurately.

This enables you to find it faster, analyse it in greater depth, access a wider range of data to perform a more intelligent interpretation, and present it in a more structured manner.

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Data Warehouse Solutions

When & why do you need a data Warehouse?

As your business grows, you create more and more information. This raw data needs to be stored, and it needs to be accessible. So for a business looking to scale, a data warehouse is a crucial instrument for your success.

A data warehouse collects all the raw data from your business, enabling you to use powerful tools to generate deeper insight. It improves the speed of your queries and analysis, enabling faster business decisions.
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Data Warehouse Solutions

What data warehouse solutions are available?

When speaking with our clients, we understand the drive to innovate and improve. So for modern businesses looking to the future, we recommend a cloud data warehouse solution.

cloud data warehouse solution provides a more flexible and infinitely scalable solution. This enables your business to access best-in-breed tools that have been born in the cloud, and we can help you deploy them across your entire business ecosystem.

Modern cloud data warehouse solutions like Snowflake allow you to quickly start gaining value.

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Unrivaled Insights

Advanced Analytics

Plan for the future—but take action in the present. Our Advanced Analytics enables your organisation to discover patterns and trends contained within both your structured and unstructured data, that provides valuable insights to help you predict the outcomes of future events. It’s all about being prepared.
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Drive Better Decisionss

Business Intelligence

Improve your business performance by gaining insight into every aspect of how it operates. From in-depth reporting, to easy-to-understand scorecards, and real-time dashboards, we work with you to deliver comprehensive integrated business intelligence solutions that harness the power of your available data.
Business Intelligence >
Cloud Platform Management
Modern Cloud Solutions

Cloud Data & Analytics

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
Cloud Data & Analytics >
Cloud Platform Architecture
Organise & Optimise

Data Warehousing

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Performance Solutions

Systems Automation

Our EPM and CPM solutions empower your business to eliminate those time-consuming, manual tasks that are slowing your processes down. Take advantage of powerful automation tools to improve your financial processes, accelerate decision making, and reduce business delays. You’ll be able to elevate the accuracy of your forecasting, and respond better to changing business conditions.
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Performance Solutions

Improved Reporting

Ensure the data your business relies on is more complete and accurate. Improve your financial management, and facilitate better analysis of results and trends to understand changes and challenges at a micro level. Achieve improved insight that matches financial performance to strategic plans, and delivers more comprehensive reporting.
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Optimise the value of your data and unlock the power of a modern data warehouse

Ready to boost your business resilience and drive your growth? At Tridant, our data and analytics experts help you design and implement the right data warehouse solution that powers your business forward.

Together, we help you harness the power of the cloud to build a modern data solution that empowers #betterbusiness

15+ years experience
We’ve been delivering comprehensive data management solutions to our clients for more than 15 years.
Expert Advice
We’re data geeks, and turning complex data and analytics problems into streamlined data warehouse solutions is what we do best.
Trusted by the Industry
We take pride in partnering with some of Australia’s biggest names to build modern data warehouse solutions.

We help you bring your data warehouse to life

It’s time to do more with your data. We provide the expertise, technical excellence, and design solutions to build, optimise and deploy a comprehensive data warehouse solution to take your business performance to the next level.
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Our Proven Process

Our 3-step proven process make it easier to grow your business.
Step #1
Book a Meeting

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Step #2
Build Your Data Strategy 
We work with you to create a tailored plan to optimise your data warehouse design.
Step #3
Design & Deliver
We implement your data warehouse design, and you enjoy faster access to better data, business-wide.

Our Data Warehouse Consultants

Michael Taylor

Data & Analytics 
Michael has diversified the growth of Tridant’s Data & Analytics team into different areas like Cloud Data, Data Analytics and Data Science.

Oswald Almeida

Cloud Data
Oswald has over 18 years of experience leading and implementing end-to-end Data and Analytics solutions for customers globally.

Jared Innes

Business Intelligence
Jared has a well-rounded technical skillset with over 14 years of hands-on experience developing business intelligence solutions across a variety of industries and technologies.

Hoang Nguyen

Data & Analytics 
Hoang’s expertise includes machine learning and AI, deep learning, natural languages processing, clinical and geo-spatial data analyses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud vs on-premises data warehouses—what’s the difference?

While the two systems perform in a similar manner, there are some big differences.

A data warehouse design solution built on cloud architecture means your data warehouse is stored in the cloud, with no physical infrastructure on-site.

A data warehouse design solution operating on-premises is a more traditional model that sees your data warehouse located in physical servers, at your business address or in a data center that is owned by you or a partner.

With a cloud data warehouse, your cloud storage partner undertakes the setup and maintenance for you. When on-premises, it’s undertaken by your in-house data administrator or a paid partner. This can be effort intensive.

An on-premises data warehouse solution is typically a large, one-off capital expenditure cost, while a cloud data warehouse solution is managed as an ongoing operational expense.

Over the years, due to cheap storage and computers available with the cloud providers, the data extraction process has matured. A cloud data warehouse solution uses an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) process, which means your data is extracted from your systems, and loaded into your data lake. You can then extract and transform the data you need directly from your data warehouse, in real time.

On-premises data warehouse solutions typically follow a more traditional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process, whereby your data is transformed prior to entering your data warehouse, meaning it takes more time before a business user has access to data.

What are the most important steps in robust data warehouse design?

Choosing the right modern data warehouse design solution for your business depends on your specific requirements. There are five key elements that should be included in every good design:

  • Usability. Your data warehouse design should integrate seamlessly with your systems and be tailored to your user needs. If it doesn’t improve speed and ease in accessing your data, it’s not set up correctly.
  • Data modeling. Your data sources need to be structured so they interact smoothly with your data warehouse, and deliver the processing capability and data granularity your users need to deliver deeper business insight.
  • ETL vs ELT. It’s crucial that your data warehouse design is set up with the right data extraction processes to meet your needs.
  • Semantic layer. This layer of processing utilises your OLAP server to support your users’ questions, queries, and analytical requests. It’s what helps you make sense of your data.
  • Reporting capabilities. Ensure the right reporting capabilities are in place that can deliver better insight to help drive your business.
How much does it cost to create a modern data warehouse?

When looking to build and implement a data warehouse solution for your business, there are many different factors that can change the cost. It depends on the size and capacity of your data warehouse, and the specific data sources and integrations you require.

Are you building a data warehouse from scratch? Or investing in a data warehouse as a service solution? It also depends on the platform you use, the technical team you work with to achieve it, and ongoing maintenance costs.

When it comes to a cloud data warehouse, you can get started with a few hundred dollars. Storage is cheap and all your business data can be quickly brought into the cloud.

From there, as you start uncovering important business insights and gaining value, the computer costs may start to increase, but there are mechanisms by which you can maintain a tight control over them.

At Tridant, we can provide an accurate proposal and quote to design, deliver, and manage your data warehouse. Contact us today to discuss it in more detail.

How do I choose the right data warehouse solution for my business?

Choosing the right data warehouse solution for your business can set you up for a successful future. It’s a big investment, and one you don’t want to get wrong. So it’s critical that you make the right choice.

At Tridant, we help you identify the data warehouse solution that’s going to deliver the best results for your business. We’ll work with you to map out your requirements, determine your needs, and design an implementation plan that aligns with your business activities.

Contact us today to ensure you make the right choice of data warehouse solution for your business.

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