While projects start with well-defined plans, there will inevitably be a variation to scope, time and cost that will require pro-active communication and active management to protect profits.

As a Project Controller or Finance Manager you need to deliver timely and accurate responses to questions arising from these changes.

How did the variable affect the budget and the forecast?
Were all changes accurately reported?
Does the current budget and forecast reflect the change?

Navigating To Success

A mismanaged change, compounded with other factors such as insufficient resources, disconnected data and systems, manual integration of data via spreadsheets can compromise the accuracy of reporting and jeopardise the success of a project. Negative customer satisfaction is a likely outcome as is damaged market reputation.
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A Modern Approach

How do you then navigate the many obstacles that stand between you and project success? By implementing a modern planning environment. These new planning tools and systems automates much of the data integration requirements, eliminates data quality issues and promotes collaboration between users via mobile devices.

Tridant has a long history providing such solutions to organisations of all types, with many notable examples in the construction industry.
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