FluenceXL connects Excel directly to trusted corporate data sources, such as Anaplan, removing the risks of Excel as a database while extending its capabilities in reporting, analytics and data visualisation.

Ultimately, the best reporting tool on the market is the one that works for your team. If you're in finance or management and you're looking for a platform that'll let you really drill down on your data to truly see the finer details, look no further than FluenceXL.

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Connect to your live data directly from Excel
Explore, analyse and understand your data
View interactive, data-connected charting

We know we're biased, but time and time again our customers have found value in the self-service, ad-hoc reporting capabilities that FluenceXL provides. The data-connected Microsoft Excel add-in lets users from any business or department create and distribute interactive reports automatically to any audience, on any device.

No more waiting on busy IT teams; you can do it yourself in a platform you're already comfortable with.

We're not here to replace your BI platforms, nor are we here to replace Excel. We're here to help your finance team work with the kind of live, dynamic data they need.

FluenceXL Features & Benefits

  • Excel directly connected to trusted corporate data sources
  • Urgent reports or analysis can be turned around quickly by business users in an intuitive, no-code model
  • Waterfall charts and variance charts can graph any split of the business structure.

FluenceXL - Smart Excel for Anaplan

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