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Why Use Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics enables organisations to discover patterns and trends contained within their structured and unstructured data that can provide valuable insights to predict the outcomes of future events and interactions.
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Who's using it? 

Data is fed into an analytics platform (for example, IBM Watson Studio), allowing it to be modelled and assessed.

Organisations and business units of all sizes are using such data insights to adjust their strategies, respond to unanticipated change, minimise potential risk, grow revenue and make more effective decisions in real-time, becoming more competitive in the process.

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Increased planning accuracy. Forecast and identify potential shortfalls in cash balance. Discover driver, account, cost-centre correlations.

Analyse smart meter data for increased efficiency. Predict and detect outages. Detect thefts and protect revenue. 
Plan merchandising with social media sentiment. Faster inventory turnover. Improve gross margins and average unit price.
Identify the likelihood of developing illnesses nd suggest incentives to change contributing behaviour. Predict admissions for better rostering and scheduling.
Public Sector
Evaluate program effectiveness. Proactively respond to public safety issues.
Industrial Operations
Predict equipment failure. Avoid costly downtime. Reduce maintenance & warranty costs. Inventory cost management. 

Why Tridant?

Tridant offers the tech expertise, consulting talent and partner ecosystem to design, deploy and manage end-to-end analytics solutions to accelerate your business performance.

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