What is Microsoft Fabric?

Published on: 5 December 2023
Written by: Tridant

Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple data products from a range of vendors. Thanks to Microsoft's new product known as 'Fabric', you can now enjoy a highly integrated, end-to-end, and easy-to-use platform that is designed to simplify your analytics needs.

So, what is Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. Fabric offers a comprehensive suite of services, including data lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place.

The platform is built on a foundation of Software as a Service (SaaS), which takes simplicity and integration to a whole new level.

Simplicity of Microsoft Fabric

The main objective of Fabric is to provide simplicity. Microsoft has significantly invested to provide a new offering that is easy to use and can be shared by many professionals across an organisation with varying skills and knowledge.

The SaaS model allows you to focus on the results of your data, rather than managing the technology, while you also have all of your products within one end-to-end solution. With Fabric, organisations are no longer required to spend time and money integrating multiple solutions from many different vendors.

The licensing costs are also simplified, with one shared pool of capacity that powers all capabilities within Fabric. You can view the Microsoft Fabric Pricing Model and costs here.

What are the components of Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric package

Data Warehouse:

Provides users with a combined Lakehouse and data warehouse experience that enables industry leading performance at scale while eliminating the need for configuration and management. Warehouse in Fabric separates compute from storage, enabling independent scaling of both the components.

Data Engineering:

Enables users to design, build, and maintain infrastructures and systems that enable their organisations to collect, store, process, and analyse large volumes of data. Fabric provides various data engineering capabilities to ensure that your data is easily accessible, well-organised, and of high-quality.

Data Factory:

Combines the simplicity of Power Query with the scale and power of Azure Data Factory, and empowers you with a modern data integration experience to ingest, prepare, and transform data from a rich set of data sources (for example, databases, data warehouse, Lakehouse, real-time data, and more). Whether you are a citizen or professional developer, you will be able to transform the data with intelligent transformations and leverage a rich set of activities.

Data Science:

Empower users to complete end-to-end data science workflows for the purpose of data enrichment and business insights. You can complete a wide range of activities across the entire data science process, all the way from data exploration, preparation and cleansing to experimentation, modeling, model scoring and serving of predictive insights to BI reports.

Real-Time Analytics:

Enable organisations to focus and scale up their analytics solution while democratising data for the needs of both the citizen data scientist all the way to the advanced data engineer. Gain quick access to data insights with just seconds of provisioning, automatic data streaming, indexing, and partitioning for any data source or format, and on-demand query generation and visualisations.

Power BI:

Combines the above capabilities with a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, visualise and discover what's important, helping you make better business decisions.


A single, unified, logical data lake that is designed to be the single place for all of your analytics data. OneLake is responsible for supporting all of your Fabric workloads and is commonly compared to another Microsoft product you will have likely heard of; OneDrive. Microsoft states that ‘similar to how Office stores Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files in OneDrive, Fabric stores lakehouses, warehouses, and other items in OneLake’.

Before OneLake, organisations would typically be required to create and manage multiple data lakes for use by different teams, rather than collaborating on a single data lake. OneLake breaks down these silos and provides a share workspace for all users within an organisation.

Microsoft Fabric is a unique and innovative approach to analytics solutions that is changing the world of possibilities for data professionals. Whether you're an experienced data-driven organisation or you’re wanting to increase your reliance on data for decision-making, Fabric offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies complex data tasks.

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