Delivering Insights that Matter

Providing the expertise you need to harness the power of your data

Available online, on-site, or through remote access, Tridant’s training portfolio delivers the knowledge and skills your organisation needs to uncover mission critical insights that drive game changing outcomes.

Our aim is to put you in control of your technology investment and work in complete confidence.

Customised Training Options

All our training sessions can be flexibly tailored to meet your busy schedules and are presented by certified, expert and technical trainers.

Considered the most effective of training options, onsite training facilitates real-time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions.

Tridant onsite training is charged per course rather than per attendee offering significant cost savings.


Remote access training provides a live access experience ideal for those working in remote locations outside of main city centers.


Ideal for those who prefer a self-paced approach to learning, Tridant provides a full schedule of online training courses.

When partnering with Tridant you are guaranteed the benefit of industry leading courseware overlaid with the benefits that arise from the strength of Tridant’s product partner relationships, and the decades of real world implementation experience we have with their products.