Financial Planning & Analysis

Transform your financial planning and analysis processes

Improving your business’ FP&A processes gives you the opportunity to proactively deal with topics that impact your business performance, delivering you a #betterbusiness.
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Accelerate business performance
Plan, monitor, and execute business initiatives, leveraging evidence-based information rather than opinion-based assumptions.
Improve efficiency and effectiveness
Automate manual tasks, save time, and collaborate across functions to create more effective scenarios for better decision-making options.
Transform your business

Go beyond the disconnected spreadsheets. Steer your business in the right direction by applying modern methods of financial planning & analysis.

Don’t make financial decisions and just hope for the best—be informed with the right information

Work with better financial planning information, and organise the right data from the right sources. Link key operational data to expected financial outcomes to better manage variances and take proactive steps to meet your targets.
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Discover how streamlining your financial planning & analysis processes can build a better business

Comprehensive financial planning and analysis is crucial to your business’ long-term success.

So it’s critical that your business has all the data and planning capabilities at hand to perform this planning as effectively and efficiently as possible—and that you’re partnered with a team that understands you, your industry, and the stakeholders responsible for business outcomes
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We help you to leverage the right data to perform better decision-making across all levels of management

Our FP&A experts work with you and your teams to help you leverage best in class technology to optimise your key business processes and make smarter decisions with your data.
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Over 15 years’ experience
We’ve been delivering continuous FP&A improvements and building sustainable value for our clients for over 15 years.
We truly get data & analytics

We’re business experts with advanced technology skills, and solving complex or time-constrained financial planning and analysis problems is what we do best.

Trusted by the biggest brands
We take pride in partnering with some of Australia’s biggest names to optimise their FP&A processes, leveraging best in class technology.
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Choosing The Right Corporate Performance Management Solution For Your Business

Discover how to harness the right corporate performance management software solution to effectively interpret your critical business data, enable smart decision-making, and prime your business for long-term growth and success.

Financial Planning & Analysis Solutions

FP&A Solutions

Scenario Planning

In a world that’s in a state of flux, forward planning has never been more important. And as many businesses will find out the hard way, undertaking the right scenario planning is just as important as the act of planning itself.

Optimise the information your FP&A teams have and create smarter, data-driven forecasts for your business’ future. Our corporate financial planning and analysis experts come on board to help you streamline your processes and improve your future outlook.

6 Critical Steps to a Rolling Forecast >
FP&A Solutions

Monthly Close

Whether it's compiling and validating spreadsheets, or preparing supporting documentation to substantiate account balances for an accurate closing, finance teams are stressed. These tedious, time-consuming manual processes don’t work under today’s conditions.
3 Steps to a Faster Financial Close >

Our Proven Process

Here’s how our FP&A consulting services make it easier to grow your business.
Step #1
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Step #2
We Create Your Strategy 
We create customised FP&A solutions that support your business plan.
Step #3
Optimise Your FP&A Process
Get peace of mind that your FP&A teams’ performance streamlined to drive your business’ growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries do you help to improve the power of their FP&A abilities?

We help businesses in all industries to make better financial planning and analysis decisions, faster.

Our solutions & concepts can be modelled to your specific business requirements.

If you think your FP&A teams need support and guidance to improve their flexibility and capabilities, get in touch with us today.

What are the key benefits of working with an external FP&A consulting team?

We’ve spoken about this elsewhere on the site, but the clear and immediate benefits of working with an external FP&A consulting team are:

  • Gain a higher-level view of your business activities (and avoid the internal politics or preconceptions);
  • Access more considered and accurate data;
  • Optimise how your business gathers its data;
  • Provide stability and support to your internal teams, allowing them to focus on their core tasks, improving their productivity;
  • Reduce spend on internal FP&A staffing; and
  • Enable more accurate and confident business planning.

Basically, it’s all about getting the guidance to access smarter insights, so you can perform #betterbusiness.

What FP&A services can you provide my business?

Among other integral support solutions, Tridant can help your business with:

  • Evaluating the overall financial health of your business;
  • Evaluating ROI of your working capital;
  • Identifying new profit-making avenues and initiatives;
  • Optimising the cost efficiencies within your business units and departments;
  • Improving your budgeting;
  • Optimising your reporting;
  • Enhancing your forecasting capabilities;
  • Ensuring compliance with financial requirements; and
  • Helping you leverage automation to improve your financial planning and analysis processes.
What are the best tools my FP&A teams can use to deliver better financial planning?

There’s a wide range of comprehensive and effective scenario planning tools out there that perform the role you need, and choosing the right one will be different for every business. Each of these scenario planning platforms provides robust and effective planning, modelling and reporting capabilities, with built-in version management and governance capability to ensure you get a birds-eye view of all the various drivers and outcomes.

We recommend the following tools:

Anaplan integrates financial outcomes with operational functions to enable better collaboration across the business without coding or scripting.

IBM is arguably the most scalable platform from a data perspective and extremely well suited for businesses with larger, more complex data sets.

Famous for ‘ease of use’ and a leading provider in Cloud ERP with a strong focus on Finance
and Workforce Management processes.

What’s the one thing my FP&A teams can do right now to improve how our business responds to immediate threats?

It’s all about determining the right method of scenario planning to ensure your business is ready to roll with the punches. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Effective Scenario Planning for FP&A Teams in 2021 to learn the 4 key types of scenario planning your teams should know, and how to utilise these in your business’ response planning.

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