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Make better decisions, improve customer experience & drive growth with data analytics

Optimise the accuracy, security and reliability of your data assets to uncover growth insights and make better data-driven-decisions with one of Australia's leading data analytics companies.
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Unite Siloed Data
A single source of trusted data enables smarter decisions, and better outcomes.
Accelerate Data Delivery
Complex sets of information can be made available to decision-makers in minutes.
Turn Insights Into Action
Accelerate your business growth with better insights & data-driven-decisions.
Business Data Analysis

Without a single source of trusted data, your critical business decisions are being poorly informed.

As a business leader, the decisions you make for your business are far more complex than they were two years ago. In order to navigate the future safely & drive business growth, it’s crucial that your key decisions are informed and driven by the right information.
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Data & Analytics

Unlock and leverage the true value of your trusted data.

Enable decision-makers at every level of your organisation to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute insights. By empowering faster, data-based decisions you unlock business-changing results. 
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Business Data Analytics

Modern Solutions that Enable Data Driven Decisions

Gain competitive advantage by creating and accelerating data-driven cultures within your organisation.
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Data & Analytics Solutions


Tridant’s extensive experience across both long-term program, and short-term project delivery, provides great clarity on the essential building blocks that underpin a sound Data and Analytics strategy.
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Data & Analytics Roadmaps
Data & Analytics Healthchecks
Program & Project Management
Tool Selection
Platform Architecture Reviews
data & analytics services


Data by its nature is unpredictable, and this is why consulting engagements need to be supported by the right methodology to drive success.
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Unrivaled Insights

Advanced Analytics

Plan for the future—but take action in the present. Our Advanced Analytics enables your organisation to discover patterns and trends contained within both your structured and unstructured data, that provides valuable insights to help you predict the outcomes of future events. It’s all about being prepared.
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Drive Better Decisionss

Business Intelligence

Improve your business performance by gaining insight into every aspect of how it operates. From in-depth reporting, to easy-to-understand scorecards, and real-time dashboards, we work with you to deliver comprehensive integrated business intelligence solutions that harness the power of your available data.
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Cloud Platform Management
Modern Cloud Solutions

Cloud Data & Analytics

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Cloud Platform Architecture
Organise & Optimise

Data Warehousing

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Build your Data and Analytics knowledge and hone the skillsets required to manage the proliferation of organizational data.
From strategic planning to implementation and management, our extensive suite of training courses provides you with critical insights and structured learning across the data analytics value chain.

Training Courses

Managed Services

Our Managed Service Solutions provide a full range of tailored services to ensure your data is working for your business. Our extensive experience across the full application stack provides an end-to-end support and maintenance team for our customer’s solutions, helping them support their data investments and provide high levels of availability and proactive monitoring.

Support Services

When starting the journey towards a data-driven business, it’s critical to partner with a team that understands you

At Tridant, we deliver smarter business data analytics for businesses to help build and accelerate data driven organisations. As one of Australia’s leading data analytics companies,
we’re experienced in helping organisations of all sizes identify, plan, and implement your new data & analytics approach to get you safely on your journey.
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Over 15 years’ experience
We’ve been delivering continuous improvement and building sustainable value for our clients for over 15 years.
We truly get data & analytics
We’re data geeks, and solving complex data & analytics problems is what we do best.
Trusted by the biggest brands
We take pride in partnering with some of Australia’s biggest names to optimise their data & analytics.

Data Analytics Solutions

How Can Tridant Bring This To Life? 

Our recommended advisory & implementation methods, that ensure a thorough analysis and accurate setup. 
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Our Proven Process

Our 3-step proven process make it easier to grow your business.
Step #1
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Step #2
Build Your Data Strategy 
We create your custom data analytics strategy that supports your key goals.
Step #3
Unlock Insights & Growth
Accelerate your business growth with better insights & data-driven decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries do you help to improve their data and analytics utilisation?

We provide data analytics for business in the following industries, and help them leverage this information in smarter, better ways:

  • Aged Care
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Universities

But if you don’t see your industry here, and think you need support to enable better business decisions, get in touch with us today.

Is my business data-driven? How can I tell?

When starting on your data and analytics journey, a crucial early step is to evaluate how your business is currently performing against industry best practice, and where it needs to get to, both in the short and long term.

Performing a thorough data and analytics maturity assessment enables your business to measure and set goals that help you begin planning the journey. It’s an audit of your current situation, and helps identify the current tools, processes, and procedures that your business uses in its data & analytics practices.

To begin the process, ask yourself:

  • How effectively do we leverage the data & analytics within our business to inform our decision making?
  • Has our leadership team fully bought into the value proposition and journey of becoming a data-driven organisation?
  • What platforms and software do we currently have in place? Have they been effective?
  • Do we currently have a data & analytics roadmap in place to help plan our future?
  • Are we ready to address the change management implications of doing things differently in a data-driven world?

There’s a lot to think about. Identifying and collating all these current maturity pointers gives you an idea of your business’ level of maturity in business data analysis—and exposes the gaps in your current governance framework.

How do I choose the right cloud platform for my business?

Choosing the right data architecture and the data platform you’ll use is critical in setting your business up for success—so it’s important that you choose wisely. After all, you’re laying the groundwork for your business data analytics and management practices for the next five to ten years.

Switching from one cloud platform to another is an expensive move, and only organizations with a high degree of data & analytics maturity can safely juggle multiple platforms. So it’s

important that it meets your needs, and works in the most efficient and effective way for your organization.

There are four leading cloud platforms to choose from:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • IBM Cloud
  • Google Cloud

As one of Australia’s leading data analytics companies, Tridant can help you determine the right platform for your business’ growth.

Which cloud infrastructure should I choose?

Choosing the best cloud infrastructure for your business really depends on how you’re going to use it, and what you’re using it for. There are three main options we recommend:

Private Cloud

A private cloud is the most secure type of cloud computing. In this circumstance, your business retains exclusive use of the cloud computing resources, services, and infrastructure maintained on your own private network. They can be hosted on-site, or externally with a third-party provider. This method provides you with more control, flexibility, and security in your cloud computing operations.

Public Cloud

Under a public cloud solution, all the software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure is owned and stored offsite, by your cloud service provider. You access your cloud services through your own secure user logins and access. However, you’re not the only one using the infrastructure. The hardware, storage, and network is used by a range of other tenants. Think of examples like Microsoft Azure, or Google Drive. A public cloud solution allows you to reduce costs, and not have to worry about maintenance or storage issues, while delivering exceptional reliability and practically unlimited scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud option is the most commonly used cloud solution. It enables your business to work within a private cloud environment, and retain the security of your private network, but with the ability to take advantage of additional public resources as your business’ computing demands fluctuate. It’s the best of both worlds, and a cost-effective option that empowers a gradual migration to cloud computing. It doesn’t happen all at once, so you can stage your migration over an extended period. We recommend this solution when your data-generating applications and processes need to be both on-site and in the cloud.

Get in touch with us to discuss the cloud infrastructure that will see you on your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation.

Which cloud data platform will work best in my cloud ecosystem?

To really leverage the power of your big data analytics services, it’s all about matching the capabilities with your business needs. Choosing the right data architecture will set your business up for a productive and effective data-driven future.

At Tridant, we recommend Snowflake. Snowflake, The Data Cloud, is a SaaS platform that was born in the cloud and has been built to take advantage of cloud resources. It can sit on top of any of the three public cloud providers—Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. This provides you with the assurance that this flexibility will stop you from being locked-in to one cloud platform.

Get in touch with us to take it for a test-drive.

How do I choose the right data analytics solutions to bring my data to life?

Choosing the right business intelligence platform comes down to your organisation’s requirements. What do you need it to achieve? How does your data need to be displayed for maximum benefit? Different technologies offer different capabilities, and come at different price tags.

When set up correctly, your platform creates an organisation-wide tool that becomes a single trusted source of data, enabling self-serviceability and unlocking new question and answer sets not thought of previously. So in choosing this platform, look at it holistically. Think about more than data analytics. What other use cases will your business need? It could be for forecasting and budgeting, creating scorecards, and quick and efficient reporting.

At Tridant, we help you choose the tools in your toolkit that transform your business’ data from information to results. Our experts will work with you to identify what you need to achieve, and provide the best tools to get you where you need to go.

Get in touch with us today to discuss a data and analytics solution for your organisation.

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