Revolutionise Your Decision Making With Powerful Business Intelligence solutions

Supercharge your business intelligence and analytics processes to take advantage of better information and transform your data into actionable insights.
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Understand Your Data Better
Collect and collate the right data, and access deeper information, that you can transform into real, meaningful insight.
Optimise Your Operations
Obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your business operations to identify where you can improve, and eliminate inefficiencies from your workflows.
Accelerate Your Growth
With more information at hand to better identify patterns and trends, gain a competitive advantage in your market that drives growth.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Critical decisions shouldn’t be made without insightful business data & analytics

The most successful organisations rely on accurate, timely, integrated structured and unstructured data. Without the right data available at the right time, you’re effectively flying blind—and your organisation is in danger of being left behind.
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BI Analytics

Access powerful BI analytics that helps your business thrive

A comprehensive BI analytics solution enables more in-depth insight for every aspect of your business. It empowers you to make fact-based decisions at every level of your organisation, faster, to improve your business performance and power its growth.
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Tableau Dashboard

What can a Business Intelligence Solution offer?

Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content.
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Confidently monitor performance with the scorecard capabilities including mobile.
Support and drive the exchange of insights with collaborative Business Intelligence.
Monitor, measure and analyse corporate performance at a glance with dashboards through an optimized user interface.
Explore your structured and unstructured data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios and modelling functionality.
Monitor, measure and analyse corporate performance at a glance with dashboards through an optimized user interface.

Integrated Business Intelligence solutions that enable your business to access the right data.

Tridant delivers tailored Business Intelligence Solutions that help organisations thrive and improve performance, by enabling you to gain insight into every aspect of your business and make fact-based decisions throughout the organisation.

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Unrivaled Insights

Advanced Analytics

Plan for the future—but take action in the present. Our Advanced Analytics enables your organisation to discover patterns and trends contained within both your structured and unstructured data, that provides valuable insights to help you predict the outcomes of future events. It’s all about being prepared.
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Drive Better Decisionss

Business Intelligence

Improve your business performance by gaining insight into every aspect of how it operates. From in-depth reporting, to easy-to-understand scorecards, and real-time dashboards, we work with you to deliver comprehensive integrated business intelligence solutions that harness the power of your available data.
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Cloud Platform Management
Modern Cloud Solutions

Cloud Data & Analytics

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Cloud Platform Architecture
Organise & Optimise

Data Warehousing

Accelerating your business performance begins with getting the right information. And access to the right information starts by choosing the best cloud platform. We help you determine the cloud service for your business that’s going to deliver the best result.
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Performance Solutions

Systems Automation

Our EPM and CPM solutions empower your business to eliminate those time-consuming, manual tasks that are slowing your processes down. Take advantage of powerful automation tools to improve your financial processes, accelerate decision making, and reduce business delays. You’ll be able to elevate the accuracy of your forecasting, and respond better to changing business conditions.
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Performance Solutions

Improved Reporting

Ensure the data your business relies on is more complete and accurate. Improve your financial management, and facilitate better analysis of results and trends to understand changes and challenges at a micro level. Achieve improved insight that matches financial performance to strategic plans, and delivers more comprehensive reporting.
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Our Business Intelligence solutions help you access better data to deliver more confident decision-making at every level of your business

The right BI solution can transform your business. Our business intelligence and analytics experts provide advice and guidance on the BI solution that powers your business forward. We help you leverage better data sources, and translate this into more informed decisions for a #betterbusiness.

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Over 15 years’ experience

We’ve been delivering comprehensive performance management solutions to our clients for over 15 years.

We're the experts

We’re data geeks, and solving complex data & analytics problems is what we do best.

Trusted by the Industry
We take pride in partnering with some of Australia’s biggest names to optimise their data & analytics.

How Can Tridant Bring This To Life For Your Business? 

Tridant offers the tech expertise, business intelligence consulting talent and partner ecosystem to design, deploy and manage end-to-end BI solutions to accelerate your business performance.
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Our Proven Process

Our 3-step proven process make it easier to grow your business.
Step #1
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Step #2
Build Your Data Strategy 
We work with you to create a customised CPM/EPM adoption plan from start to finish.
Step #3
Unlock Insights & Growth
Transform your business’ planning, communication, and flexibility, and enjoy better business performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a business intelligence & analytics solution cost?
The way the world works is changing. Even just a few short years ago, accessing powerful business intelligence and analytics solutions would have only been feasible for the largest corporations. The evolution of cloud technology means that businesses of all sizes can now access a BI solution that suits their needs and budget.
At Tridant, we work with you to tailor a BI analytics solution that fits your business’ budget—and ultimately delivers a valuable return on your investment. Contact us today to speak with a business intelligence expert, and start the conversation to discuss your organisation’s BI requirements.
How do I choose the right business intelligence solution to improve my business’ decision making?
The right business intelligence and analytics solution means something different to every organisation. It’s all about determining your business goals, identifying where your processes can be improved, and assessing your requirements. What is your business looking to achieve? Where do you think your processes are currently limiting your growth?
The right BI solution can transform your organisation’s decision making processes and improve performance business-wide. It enables you to structure your ever-expanding data resources into ways that make it easier to collate and understand what you have at hand. It provides a tool that delivers a single source of truth when accessing your data, so you get peace of mind that everyone can access the right information. A platform that delivers on-demand access to right right data and its immediate translation into an array of charts, dashboards, snapshots, and reports, so you get the information you need faster, and much more efficiently.
At Tridant, we help you determine the business intelligence solution and platform that transforms how your business uses its data. Our experts will work with you to identify what you’re looking to achieve, and provide the optimal solution that empowers you to reach your goals
Get in touch with us today to discuss a business intelligence and analytics solution for your organisation.
How do I choose the right BI analytics platform for my business?
Choosing the right business intelligence and analytics platform you’ll use is critical in setting your business up for success. You’re creating the decision making and data gathering model for your business intelligence analytics and management that’s going to set your business up for the future—so it’s crucial that you make the right choice.
We can help you identify which of the current crop of business intelligence platforms will deliver the best result for your business, and how we can help tailor these to deliver on your business’ unique requirements. 
As one of Australia’s leading business intelligence companies, Tridant can help you determine the right platform for your business’ growth.

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