Features of Tridant's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Find out how manual data exploration can be a thing of the past for your business, and how you can completely change the way you approach business reporting.

In our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector brochure you'll learn how to:

  • Efficiently move data from D365 to your Data Warehouse
  • Massively reduce labour costs arising from time-consuming manual D365 data migration
  • Significantly improve reporting times by automating data export
  • Enjoy real-time collaboration on reporting projects
  • Instantly share and access D365 business intelligence
  • Completely remove human errors caused by manual data migration.

Reclaim your time and restore productivity. Step into a whole new world of business reporting by automating your Dynamics 365 to Data Warehoue Migration.

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Productivity Restored
Reclaim your time and let your team do what they do best, rather than manually migrate data.
Complete Reporting Visibility
Experience real-time, absolute reporting visibility by having your data accessible when it is needed.
Data Migration Accuracy
Ensure your data is migrated with absolute efficiency, and complete accuracy, by removing human error.
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Seamless data integration with microsoft dynamics 365

Put an end to manual Dynamics 365 data migration and experience an effortless connection with your Data Warehouse.

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