Take Control Of Your Supply Chain

Tridant’s Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) Application enables a connected supply chain with fast, accurate data analysis across your whole business. Access the insights you need, when you need them, and become better prepared to respond to future events.

The S&OP solution assists businesses in achieving balance between fluctuating demand and supply through intelligent sales forecasts combined with connected production and inventory management.

A supply chain is composed of many different links working together in a single sequence of activities. If any of this links break down, the entire supply chain may be impacted. The S&OP solution connects the supply chain and keeps links in line with one another.

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Improve Forecasting Accuracy
Intelligent forecasting through multiple algorithms lets you forecast correctly at granular levels.
Increase Revenue
Remove obstacles, gain better insights, and improve business governance, reducing unnecessary costs and increasing revenue by up to 5%.
Better control
Better decision making allows you to gain improved visibility over your supply chain and forecasting, driving business performance.

Tridant's Sales & Operations Planning App Features:

  • Statistical Sales Forecasting using Tridant's Best Guess (TBG) Machine Learning, including multiple algorithms and 'best fit' identification for intelligent forecasting
  • Top-down and bottom-up sales forecast variance analysis
  • Marketing and promotion planning with ability to uplift by SKU
  • User interfaces purpose build to support collaboration and consensus between sales, finance and demand teams
  • Synchronised supply planning including production, ordering and allocation optimisation
  • Lean inventory management projections with ABC analysis
  • Easy simulation and scenario analysis across the supply chain process
  • Executive dashboard for communication of results and outlooks



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Learn how the Tridant S&OP Solution can safeguard your business against volatility and enable better decisions for the future.

Sales & Operations Planning Solution Webinar

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In this session you will gain valuable insight on:
  • The features of Tridant's S&OP solution and how its implementation can benefit your organisation.
  • The capabilities found within the Tridant S&OP solution and how they ensure each link in a supply chain stays connected.
  • You will see firsthand one of the Gartner's leading supply chain technologies of choice, as well as best practice techniques applied by Tridant throughout the implementation to make the process for you as smooth as possible.
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