Sales & Operations Planning Solution Webinar

Tridant's S&OP Solution

In a world affected by constant disruption and change, businesses must have systems in place that enable intelligence-supported agility.

Tridant's Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) solution helps businesses achieve a balance between fluctuations in demand and supply through intelligent sales forecasts combined with connected production and inventory management.

To prevent the impacts of a broken down link within a supply chain, the S&OP app will ensure your organisation possesses a connected supply chain by keeping each link in line with one another.

In this session you will gain valuable insight on:

  • The features of Tridant's S&OP solution and how its implementation can benefit your organisation.
  • The capabilities found within the Tridant S&OP solution and how they ensure each link in a supply chain stays connected.
  • You will see firsthand one of the Gartner's leading supply chain technologies of choice, as well as best practice techniques applied by Tridant throughout the implementation to make the process for you as smooth as possible.
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Alyssa Brennan
Head of Product & 
Consulting Assets, 
Greg Small
Supply Chain SME,
Deborah Pike
Principal Supply Chain Solutions Consultant, Anaplan
Amit Chavan
Business Solutions Lead, Tridant
Sales & Operations Planning Solution Webinar

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