Power BI Connectors

Integration to Power BI from any application, database or data warehouse.
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Tridant’s Power BI Connectors provide a streamlined approach to real-time reporting, allowing businesses to make more efficient and informed decisions. By facilitating a direct and secure link between various software solutions and Power BI, our connectors empower users to harness the full potential of their data. 

Whether it's for creating comprehensive corporate reports, dynamic dashboards, or detailed analytics, Power BI Connectors serve as a critical enabler, simplifying the process of data extraction and integration.​

Tridant can provide a range of connectors that integrate to any application or database in your business including accounting software, CRM, ERP, marketing automation, or data warehouse.​
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Application Connectors

CRM Connectors

Connect Power BI to Hubspot and Salesforce.

ERP Connectors

Connect Power BI to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite, SAP, Workday and more.

FP&A Connectors

Connect Power BI to Anaplan, Workday Adaptive Planning, IBM Planning Analytics and more.

Data Warehouse Connectors

Connect Power BI to any data warehouse to bring your data to life.

Marketing Connectors

Connect Power BI to any marketing automation tool for gaining clear marketing-related insights.

Accounting Connectors

Connect Power BI to any accounting system with our custom connectors.
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6 Essential Enterprise Features of Power BI

Learn how to maximise the potential of Microsoft Power BI - connect with the right data, make more accurate decisions, and share accurate, up-to-date insights across your entire organisation.

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