How accurate are your forecasts?

What could 1% greater accuracy mean for your supply chain? Incremental improvement could mean millions, saved or earned.

Drive demand forecast accuracy in your bottom-up baseline. Overcome planning constraints, enable rapid remodelling to address shifting market conditions, and predict impact for informed decision-making.

Smarter analytics, real-time control, better business.

Turn up your analytics.

Data integrity is critical in calculating accurate forecasts. There is a large gap in how organisations view, process and engage with their data. Businesses without S&OP platforms often make inventory decisions based on ‘gut feel’. Lack of technology, combined with poor visibility, has left them struggling to keep up with market volatility.

Get your business to where it needs to be.

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Automated solutions quickly collect and process data


Multi-user platforms enable company-wide collaboration and data integration


Unified data removes data sourcing challenges, for improved forecasting


Automation embeds inventory visibility, for improved operational performance


What is your S&OP game plan?

Identify problem areas and uncover game-changing opportunities. Your supply chain’s ability to quickly meet demand changes is mission critical to business performance. Which strategies should you adopt to optimise your supply chain processes?

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Support complex interdependencies among stocking locations. 

Our pre-built app addresses demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real time. Ensure optimal levels of all inventory types, across every echelon in your supply chain. Tridant Inventory Optimisation App enables multi-echelon inventory planning, based on the theory of constraints.

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COVID-19 has exposed the need to smarten up supply chains and logistics.

“Statistical forecasting and machine learning to gain accuracy in demand forecasting is 100% where the focus of supply chain is these days,” says Peter Symons, chief revenue officer, Tridant in Company Director magazine, Nov 2020. 

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