3 Exemplary Practices with BlackLine: Account Reconciliation, Transaction Matching & SAP

Published on: 1 October 2020
Written by: Tridant

Here is my recent 30-min how-to video segment at BlackLine Best Practices Week on enhancing the value of your BlackLine investment. This video covers 4 key areas:

Account Reconciliation: Impact of Approval on Auto Certification Rate

A key value proposition that clients seek in implementing a Financial Close Solution is the ability to increase efficiency through auto-certification of balance sheet reconciliations. Watch to see how a simple lag in reconciliation approvals might be holding back your ability to auto certify accounts.

Transaction Matching: Native ERP Tool vs BlackLine

One of the few areas of potential overlap between BlackLine and your existing ERP is around high-volume data matching, usually for bank reconciliation. This segment showcases the three main advantages BlackLine has for high-volume data matching compared to these native ERP tools.

SAP Tips

BlackLine has an SAP Connector for extracting information to be used in its range of products, but many clients install the connector once during implementation and don’t update as new versions come out. A recent change in the SAP Connector might be able to increase your auto-certification rate.

Complementary capabilities: Month-end Optimisation Tools

At Tridant, we focus not only on Financial Close Solutions but around a range of tools aimed at Optimising the Month-End. This last segment covers ways I have seen BlackLine used to leverage work customers are doing within these tools.

Accelerate routine finance processes, fast

Automation is a critical tool to increase the overall efficiency of your team, gain real-time visibility into status and importantly, strengthen your control environment across the close process.

Talk with Tridant subject matter experts to understand how to empower your accounting and finance teams to accelerate routine finance processes, assure compliance, and pivot to serve emerging priorities for improved business performance.

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