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Published on: 2 February 2016
Written by: Tridant
When it comes to emerging technologies, the cloud data warehouse is becoming very popular and for good reason. The intense drive of any business for fast information with lower operational expenses and IT complexities has fuelled a need for powerful and scalable cloud infrastructure.


IBM dashDB

IBM dashDB is a fully managed in-memory cloud data warehousing service for developers, database administrators, business analysts, data scientists and more. It offers the performance and simplicity of a data warehouse appliance with the scale and agility of the cloud.


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So What Does This Mean For You?



Focus on Business

Dash DB helps you focus on your business and not on worrying about managing complex hardware and IT infrastructure.

Less hassle and more reliable infrastructure

An IT team is part of the life force of every company in today’s technology driven world. When you invest in dashDB and move your company to an online database, your IT team is given more freedom to do their job. Since DashDB is so easily customizable and is equipped to handle real-time modification of the application’s infrastructure, your IT will not be overwhelmed with maintain software and servers.

IBM manages the setup, configuration, regular software updates, tuning and disaster recovery operations for the DashDB service, so you can get straight to creating your newest project without spending time and resources building out data warehousing infrastructure.

Self - Service

DashDB has a user-friendly interface, that comes with features like Import data, browse data, run queries and the ability to connect to third party tools to allow self-service.

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Reduced Spending On Technology Infrastructure

Technology can be very costly, especially when you are looking to obtain the next big thing. Using DashDB an online data warehouse service you can maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Instead of investing large amounts in technology, you can pay as you go depending on demand.


Scale as you go

The ability to scale as you go is a major advantage for any company. DashDB opens up this option for your company by giving you the opportunity to build as you grow with minimal upfront costs. As your applications grow, your company will have the flexibility to scale the resources.


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Connect and Analyse Data

One of the key benefit of DashDB is simplicity and easy access for end users.

It connects seamlessly with a wide ecosystem of ETL tools and business intelligence toolsets, including Watson Analytics and many third party BI tools.


The Cloud data warehouse is now becoming such an unstoppable force, that the only real choice for business is to be part of it and get quick wins, or follow the traditional road.

Please feel free to contact Tridant to learn more about DashDB and how to get started.

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