Changes to the IBM Planning Analytics Platform

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Published on: 12 June 2024
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IBM is undertaking significant enhancements to its Planning Analytics platform by transitioning away from the traditional Rich Tier and Secure Gateway services. The deprecation of the Rich Tier, which includes the desktop clients and thick applications, marks a shift towards a more integrated, web-based experience through IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). Simultaneously, IBM is replacing the Secure Gateway with the advanced IBM Cloud Satellite Connector, which offers enhanced flexibility, security, and performance for connecting on-premises environments to IBM Cloud.

IBM Planning Analytics on cloud Rich Tier will no longer be available after September 2024

The Rich Tier of IBM Planning Analytics on cloud, which includes the ability to remotely connect to a VM and launch older applications such as Perspectives will soon reach its EoL (End-of-Life) and will no longer be available to IBM on cloud customers. By deprecating the rich tier, IBM aims to enhance the overall user experience. Web-based solutions like PAW are designed to be more intuitive, easier to access from various devices, and quicker to update with new features and improvements.

This change will impact anyone using Architect, Perspectives or Performance Modeler. Going forward Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel should become the default.

It is important to note that you will still be able to access and use the S:\ drive with the new File Manager that IBM is making available. This includes the ability to migrate objects between servers, use Python executables or using 7zip to create backups. 

For existing users of the rich tier, the deprecation means that there may be a transition period to allow the business to adapt and migrate to the web-based solution. Additional training and support may be useful to help users transition.

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IBM Planning Analytics Secure Gateway will no longer be supported after October 2024

IBM's transition from Secure Gateway to Satellite Connector represents a shift in how organisations can securely connect their on-premises environments to IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Satellite Connector is part of the broader IBM Cloud Satellite offering, which extends IBM Cloud services to run securely on any cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. Satellite Connector allows you to run IBM Cloud services in any environment, not just on IBM Cloud. This includes on-premises data centers or other cloud providers. Organisations can create more tailored and flexible architectures, mixing and matching services across different environments as needed.

Proper planning, training, and support will be crucial for organisations to fully realise the benefits of this transition.

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