Below you can watch the following sessions to gain valuable insight on:

  • How to integrate compensation planning across multiple Geo’s.
  • How HR and Finance can transform collaboration for Workforce Capacity and Compensation to support fast changing business conditions.
  • An overview of Workday Adaptive Planning, and specifically how the solution addresses integrated Workforce Planning & Reporting processes
Workforce Planning App

An introduction to Workforce Planning

In this video Alyssa Brennan, Head of Product & Consulting Assets covers:

  • Defining what Workforce planning means for different organisations
  • Outline of common challenges faced by HR executives 
  • An overview of the Tridant workforce Planning App and how it addresses common HR planning challenges.  
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Workforce Planning App

Workforce Planning App Demonstration

Robin Webber, Business Solution Lead at Tridant provides an overview of the Workforce Planning app while demonstrating the features and functionality including dashboards and explaining how assumptions and drivers are designed.

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Workforce Planning App

Restructuring Evaluation

Ritesh Somani, Business Solution Lead at Tridant highlights how the app makes restructuring evaluation from a HR perspective so easy by providing deep insights for decision making. 

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