Cyber threats dont sleep, neither do we.
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The number of cyber threats has rapidly increased in recent years and it's more important than ever to ensure your data is protected. As a Cybots partner, Tridant is committed to providing confidence and assurance in your ability to disrupt cyberattacks and protect your valuable data and systems.

Tridant's Cybots Solutions

Tridant's Cybot solutions incorporate key features that take the pain out of achieving effective 24x7x365 cyber defense:

  • Integrate fragmented protection technologies to streamline and extract the most out of your cybersecurity spend
  • Invest in Early Detection that facilitates Early Disruption and protect you from the most serious intrusions
  • Implement Automation that increases efficiency and promotes visibility, all within minutes
  • Implement Detect & Respond frameworks that put organisations in a position where they have visibility and time to deal with critical breaches.
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Timely Detection and Resolution

1-5 mins
Quickly identify any potential threats to minimse impacts.
EDR Threat Hunting Alert
15-30 mins
Become aware of any threats that have passed the first line of defence.
Cyber Situation Report
2-12 hours
Have your cyber security efforts audited by a live team of experts.
Analyst Recomendation
1-2 days
Receive a recommendation report from our cyber security analysts.
Asset Analysis Report 
1 week
Acquire a report of your cyber security assets and their performance in minimising threats.
Improved cyber security
Implement improved cyber security to protect your data into the future.

Tridant's cyber security services combine the power to achieve:

  • Early detection: facilitates early disruption
  • Situational awareness: keeps you informed of imminent threats and vulnerabilities
  • Quick generation of attack disruption analysis report: facilitates timely understanding of the situation and what steps are necessary to disrupt the attach
  • Attack disruption: identifies malware to remove and files to delete
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Case Studies

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Banks & Financial Institutions
This financial institution was seeking compliance to Risk Management Management in Technology Guidelines from their Central Bank. 
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Case Study
Government Agency
A Government Agency in ASEAN contacted Cybots in search of Solutions relating to Endpoint Security, AI enabled Automation and Improved Visibility of Intrusions.
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Software Developer
A Malaysian Software Developer was hit by Ransomware and wanted to use Cybots Solutions to generate an Incident Response.
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