Growing complexity in the supply chain has made inventory planning even more challenging. Does your supply chain ensure the right amount of stock at the right place at the right time, all the way from manufacturer and supplier to distribution centres to stores? How do you address demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real-time?

With Tridant IO App on Anaplan, supply chain decisionmakers will be able to leverage consolidated company-wide data for granular, real-time views into supply levels, demand forecasts and costs. Embedding instant visibility into critical supply chain metrics to empower modelling and reviews, stakeholders will better understand potential disruptions, be able to make impactful inventory and planning adjustments, and enable solutions to complex supply chain problems, fast.

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Automate mundane tasks to produce an integrated inventory management plan, empowering supply chain professionals to invest their time in high-value activities
Increased Revenues
Maintain optimal in-store stock levels to avoid stock-outs, and capitalise on emerging market opportunities
Decreased Costs
Reduce working capital, warehouse costs, distribution costs, and commercial arrangements with suppliers

Inventory Optimisation Application Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface – empower supply chain practitioners and business users to quickly adopt, update data fast, engage in real-time analysis, model scenarios and make confident decision
  • Functionality to view and monitor performance across multiple segments, products, stores and distribution centres – real-time ability to communicate results and make proactive decisions
  • Planning by exception modelling – avoid detailed SKU level entry
  • ABC, FSN and XYZ analysis functionality – enhance on-time delivery with flexible service levels and product categorisations
  • Streamlined daily replenishment of inventory – based on priority ratios, lead time, and service levels
  • Effective promotion planning – tie into integrated business plans and drive inventory buffers
  • Automated conversion of order pack size – for example, convert pieces to boxes, from store to distribution centre to supplier
  • Vendor minimum order quantity thresholds – built-in workflow enables easy application
  • Built-in workflows - maintain integrity of supply chain processes with workflows
  • Fleet utilisation indicators – support freight optimisation from supplier all the way to stores
  • Conditional formatting on thresholds – drives easy analysis
  • Seamless connectivity with other planning applications – integrate planning across finance, marketing, human resources, and other functional areas
  • Automated integration to source systems – enable your business to serve customers better, drive more revenue through new avenues, and gain a competitive edge.
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Inventory Optimisation App Brochure

Tridant IO App is now available on Anaplan’s connected planning platform, for gold standard reporting, tactical planning, forecasting and scenario modelling.

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